Travel to the USA in winter, snow covers Yellowstone

American tourists often come to the national parks, because this is the convergence of scenery and quintessence of an entire state. And when winter covers the white cloak in America, no garden is more beautiful than Yellowstone.

In winter, Yellowstone National Park, USA located in the western states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho is in the cold, creating a beautiful scenery like in the Grimm fairy tales. American tourists from all over the world must know this is the oldest national park in the world, established in the 1872s. Most Yellowstone National Park is located in the east of the state of Wyoming.

Visitors can move here in two directions. Heading south through State Highway 191/287 from May to early November, and is open to snowmobiles from December 15 to March 15 each year. Heading east via State Highway 20/14/16, also from May to November, and for snow-purpose vehicles from December 22 to March 1 each year. Opening schedules may vary depending on weather conditions.

Winter in Yellowstone is truly a unique and fascinating experience. Most of the roads in the park are submerged in a pure white color of the snow, the park becomes a number one destination for skiing on the slopes of all difficulty levels. In addition, on the journey around the park, American tourists can admire the sight of bison crossing the snow or simply quietly watchthe tranquility and majesty of the surrounding space. The fare for a trip including an entrance ticket will be over 2600$.

White wolves are known as the stars of YellowStone by American tourists in the winter. The tour takes you to glide over a ridge, from which zooms out views across the Lamar valley below. The wolves suddenly appeared passing by, their beautiful beauty made many cameras have the opportunity to operate at full capacity. Your guide on the bus is a biologist, an environmentalist and an expert on the animals in the park, they will give you a detailed guide on the practice and operating environment of all species of animals appearing, not just wolves.

Travel to the USA in winter, snow covers Yellowstone

After 70 years of operation, it was not until 1995 that wolves were transferred into Yellowstone National Park. More than four million visitors come here every year looking forward to seeing the white wolf, when the bears have hibernated, leaving the vast space to the wolves.

Tourists often start in Bozeman, Montana, a small town characterized by the far west. American tourists often eager to checkin in this area, before officially entering the wilderness, where the snow and animals reign.

America’s travel itinerary is even more impressive when you see the Mammoth hot spring, just south of the North Entrance. Here, you’ll wander around the snowy corridors, a stone staircase that leads down to bubbling geothermal lakes right on the mountainside. The road is 3km long, and you will see a warm lake, between the cold air.

Larma Valley, the highlight of American tourism in general and Yellowstone National Park in particular, does not only have white wolves. The next day’s journey will take you to true wild nature. You will have the opportunity to watch the elk wandering in the middle of the white snow, or the huge herds of bison being covered by snow and ice.

This season the colorful birds of Yellowstone have migrated to the warm south, in the lonely winter space, there are only gloomy black crows or lonely bald eagles on the silver ferns. In just a moment, the eagle spreads its wings soaring up to the cloudy white sky, lands quickly on a frozen eye, cleverly catches a fish under the ice.

When you see a herd of antelope, if you do not want to take photos, then listen to the guide’s share. Not a cow-head antelope, instead, it’s a distant relative of this animal with better cold tolerance than its cousins. In North America, there is no antelope and this animal has a gene close to … giraffe, called Big Horn Sheep. Admire these strange animals before you realize that biology is full of irony situations.

When winter comes, American tourism has more skiing activities that attract a lot of tourists. Not a small indoor ski area, Yellowstone has mountain slopes, hillsides, wonderful terrains for visitors who are passionate about mingling in white snow and winter winds. If you don’t like to skateboard, there are even snowmobiles, Yellowstone’s sleighs with giant dedicated wheels. Visitors will be able to get a close-up look at the life and animals here.

According to guides and indigenous people, the winter in Yellowstone National Park is really harsh, but this is the most beautiful season of the year and above all you can mingle with the wildlife of nature. The tour guide also leads tourists to a huge crater that erupted 640,000 years ago, and will probably erupt again at a future date. Instead of volcanoes, the groundwater here also occasionally erupts.

In addition, an attraction not to be missed in Yellowstone for American tourists is Glorypool. Glorypool is one of the most beautiful boiling lakes in Yellowstone. You just need to go along the Firehole River to cross the icicles created by previous eruptions with many strange shapes. If you’re lucky, you can hear the roar from the bottom of the lake as a reminder of its robustness.

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