Travel to North America to explore the majestic Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls in America is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Located between the border of the United States and Canada, this place is one of the attractive tourist destinations not to be missed.

Things to know about Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is the most famous waterfall in North America with over 10 million visitors each year. Niagara Falls is a combination of 3 adjacent beautiful waterfalls, including Horseshoe Fall on the Canadian side, American Fall in the middle of the US-Canada border and a smaller waterfall is Bridal Veil Fall. This majestic waterfall was discovered in the 17th century thanks to the discovery of Louis Ennepin, who discovered St. Anthony Falls. The name Niagara is derived from “Onguiaahra” in Iroquois meaning “god of thunder” or “roar of water”. They said that the roar of waterfalls is the conversation of the thunder god.

Although it does not possess impressive height, Niagara Falls is very wide. In which Horseshoe waterfall is wider than 790m and American waterfall is 323m wide. Not only that, Niagara also has the largest water reserve in the world with an average water flow through the waterfall every second is 6,740m3. Intense water falling from three large waterfalls has formed a huge lake with a depth of 55m. Coming here, you will be able to see firsthand the vast lake with torrential water pouring down.

The beauty of Niagra waterfall is seasonal

Niagara is one of the most beautiful natural waterfalls in America. In each season of the year, Niagara brings a different magical beauty. Whether you visit the waterfall in any season of the year, it is sure that the majestic scenery and wild charm here will make you fall in love.


The temperature here is quite low, so even in spring, the weather is still quite cold. The best time to visit in spring is between April and early May, when the temperature is warmer and the tourist activities here are starting to reopen. The Niagara Botanical Garden with a rich variety of vegetation will welcome you to explore with free admission. Other travel service activities are also quite affordable because this is the beginning of the season when there are not many tourists, you can enjoy playing without worrying about crowded crowds like summer or autumn.

Travel to North America to explore the majestic Niagara Falls


Summer from late June to early September is the peak tourist time in Niagara. Here, you can have fun on the two-story cruise ship named Maid of the Mist running around Niagara Falls. These ships usually last 30 minutes and start serving from April until the end of October. North of the Horseshoe waterfall is the White Water Walk rapids. This is a small river with the characteristic green water flowing swiftly. You can stand on the riverside bridge and admire the beautiful scenery here. And don’t forget to explore the tunnel maze leading to the observatory just behind the fast-flowing waterfall, feeling like going a secret path through this craggy waterfall.

Here, you can also explore a special referral program called Niagara’s Fury. The program consists of 2 main parts. The first part will take you back to the ice age millions of years ago through a short animated film. This movie will help you understand the formation of falls from an early age. Next you will admire the scenery of a waterfall in a simulated theater, filled with ground effect shakes.


Autumn is the time when Niagra waterfall becomes the most gentle when the trees begin to bloom, creating a romantic picture. In particular, sometimes here appears very beautiful and shimmering rainbows adorning Niagra. Thanks to the beauty of such paradise, at this time, many tourists come to the waterfall to explore, take photos, especially couples in love.

Attractive service activities such as the two-story Maid of the Mist cruise or the White Water Walk rapids are still open at this time. In late autumn is the harvest season of Niagara vineyards. You definitely should not miss the sweet grapes with dozens of wineries located around the Niagara Falls and Twenty valleys.


Winter in Niagara is heavy snowfall and everything is frozen. So why should we travel to Niagara Falls in the winter? That is because in the winter, the water at the waterfall has completely frozen creating a very majestic and unique scenery. Especially from November to January every year, there is also a very shimmering and magical winter light festival with top lighting performances. In addition, experiencing the feeling of skating or walking on the frozen lake is also extremely interesting and safe. Because the peak tourist season has ended, you can save quite a bit of room rental.

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