Liege – the city of medieval buildings

Liege city is the third largest city in Belgium and the largest city in French-speaking Wallonia. At first glance, the city seems quieter than other places but the people here are very friendly.

Liege city – tourist destination not to be missed in Belgium

Located on the flowing Meuse River, the city of Liege will remind you of something a bit optimistic at the first meeting. An intense cultural and artistic life, an important historical heritage or the architectural excellence of countless museums all make a mark for you on your European travel journey. Liege makes us imagine this place as a weird city but still fascinates us. Also Liege is a city with many attractions, and is a very popular tourist destination.

Liège in French means the very light material to make a cork, so people like to play on words, saying their city is the lightest place in the world. Liège is a place that still preserves almost entirely works built from ancient times. Going to Liège, visitors will enjoy walking on the old streets, watching the houses around the square built of rustic blue stone or visiting the Walloon Art Museum, which is the display of works of artists in the area since Roman times.

Liege was a very important political center of medieval Europe. Eight Roman Catholic churches and cathedrals were built during this period, and seven of these have been preserved to this day. St. Lambert Church was destroyed in 1794, but they still preserve the remains. Church in St. Bartholomew was built in the eleventh century, and the baptismal house is one of the seven most important Belgian historical treasures. St Paul’s Church was built in the tenth century, and decorated in the 16th century.

Popular places to visit in Liege

The train station is like a masterpiece of art

It is very rare for a railway station platform to be said to be a masterpiece of art like the platform here. Guests will be impressed by the timeless beauty of the Liege-Giullemins station. The station was restored according to the architectural plan of the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and officially went into operation in 2009. From opening until today, this station has become highlights of the city of Liege.

When the old train station became too small, the Belgian railway society decided to build a new station. The idea of ​​creating a new city icon, a scene that would appeal to visitors from around the world?

Liege Citadel

This area is probably the place that impresses you most when passing through Belgium’s largest town in the East. The contrast between the white light, the ancient architecture of the train station and the dark brick houses in the town seem to be highlighted, the stronghold occupies the top of the city, making visitors completely hypnotized.

The Citadelle de Liège lies 110 meters lower than the valley of the Meuse River and its origins date back to 1255. The gigantic wall of the architecture was destroyed by the French and rebuilt by the Dutch, the stronghold continued to be used as a barracks. Today only southern walls remain to be used as prisons during WW2. There is also an impressive cemetery honoring the victims of the Nazi regime.

Montagne de Bueren

One of Liège’s most eye-catching attractions, Montagne de Bueren, the 374 staircase is said to connect the new neighborhoods behind the citadel with the old city center and obviously shortening the way for the soldiers. If you like to wander, take a stroll through the enchanting narrow streets of the Citadel, be careful not to get lost.

Liege – the city of medieval buildings


Cruise on the Meuse River

To visit the city of Liege, the beautiful gem in the east of Belgium, you will have a trip on the river flowing through Liege: the Meuse. On the boat, you will admire some of Liège’s most beautiful sights from a different perspective.

Rue Hors-Chateau

Rue Hors-Chateau is the most famous street in the old part of the city of Liege. It originated in the tenth century and was originally placed outside the city walls. This is the headquarters of nobility and religious organizations, and those who love the architectural wonders can still see preserved houses and buildings dating back to the 17th and 18th century.


Liege has a large number of museums and galleries, which attract a large number of visitors every year. The Curtis Grand Museum originates in the 16th century, and has an excellent collection of archeology, decoration, and religious relics. The Napoleon Weapon Museum has over a thousand copies of the weapons of the ancient and modern world. There is also a museum with an extremely unique collection from the sixteenth century to the present. It is the Aquarium Museum with 46 lakes and 2,500 species of creatures, and more than 250 oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and all kinds.

Cuisine in the city of Liege

Belgian waffles, a dessert you must try when traveling to Liege. Besides chocolate and beer, Belgium is an expert when it comes to good food, and it seems that they want to develop the cuisine of Belgium. That’s the only way you can explain how they produce nearly 1600 beers and an almost endless amount of chocolate creations.

But strangely, there are only two types of waffles: “Gaufres de Bruxelles” is made of thin yeast dough that makes them lighter. The edges of the pie are smooth and rectangular in shape with deep holes. And the “Gaufre de Liège” waffles are made with thicker flour, like bread. The dough contains caramelize sugar cubes with heat and gives the waffle a golden, crunchy coating. The edges of the Liege waffles are more uneven, its shape is more rounded and the taste is sweeter than the waffles of Brussels.

Liege city of Belgium has a rich culture, many historical sites. Guests can enjoy a tour with many attractions, this is also an entertainment city with many restaurants, shopping centers, cafes, bars, and night clubs. Liege is a city that is sure to bring you an exciting trip and unforgettable memories.

Ghent – Interesting things you didn’t know

Ghent – the city with ancient architecture, mixed with a vibrant and warm life will be one of the most attractive destinations in Belgium.

Without the luxuries of Bruges or the splendor of Brussels, Ghent tourism possesses a very unique hidden beauty in Belgium with hundred-year-old buildings and a unique culinary style. As the capital of East Flanders province and the third largest city in Belgium, the first impression when coming to Ghent is the peaceful beauty of an ancient city different from the modern glamor of other cities in the area. Surrounding the city is a network of canals throughout the radius of 70km from the seaport. The smooth flow of water, the gentle boats passing by, the cobblestone streets, the old houses with the characteristic architecture have turned this place into one of the most beautiful cities of Belgium.

Why should you travel to Ghent?

Ghent is located not far from Bruges – the city is considered to be the golden tourist of Belgium. People come to Bruges to admire the magnificent buildings, enjoy famous chocolate and feel the classic European style. And if you look closely you will realize that Ghent also converges all the fascinating things. The first thing you feel is the Flemish art style, the rows of luxurious restaurants and of course, chocolate is not lack.

Ghent is an old city, so take a tour of the canals, look at the hundred-year-old buildings, and get the sweet taste of chocolate shops.

Ghent owns a large number of museums on a variety of topics from art to history, architecture, and so on. Among the famous destinations in Ghent such as St. Bavo’s Basilica, Royal Dutch Theater, Laarne Castle, the most notable one is the Stam Museum. This modern museum contains all the long history as well as images of the people of the city through the centuries. The museum is arranged in so unique style that it is hard to see how quickly the day passes.

Ghent – Interesting things you didn’t know

Another equally interesting activity is visiting the Gravensteen castle in Ghent. The castle dates back to the 9th century and has undergone many renovations to get the current structure.

You can also see the whole city, observe the vibrant life of Ghent while standing on top of the towers or shopping along Veldstraat street.

Food in Ghent city is extremely attractive

Traveling to Ghent, you cannot miss the rich cuisine of this ancient city. An equally interesting part of the trip to Ghent is Belgian cuisine and especially Ghent has a rich culinary history, attracting all visitors. The first stop to learn about Ghent cuisine is Het Groot Vleeshuis, a long-standing restaurant specializing in meat dishes. Now, it has transformed into a multi-function cafe, selling special food made from ham.

The experience in Belgium is not perfect if you forget to visit a chocolate factory. One of the top choices is the Van Hecke store, with over 70 years of operation. Van Hecke’s specialty is chestnut candies with unmistakable flavors, in addition, the shop also has a variety of chocolates suitable for most tastes of visitors.

Each city has its own unique cuisine, and in Ghent it is mustard, more specifically chilli mustard. Tierenteyn – Verlent shop is located near the city center, producing a special spice for over two hundred years without any slight changes. Small shops are always crowded with tourists and locals, all want to have this long-lasting spice. Mustard is made right in the store, in the basement. This is the only place in the world where you can buy a bottle of pure mustard with very unique flavor.

It would be mistake to go to Belgium and skip one of the famous drinks here, beer. Most of the best beers in the world come from Belgium. At Ghent, there is a Gruut brewery which is quite famous for its beer that has great taste without using Hops flowers – flowers used to create bitter taste for beer.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Ghent, stroll through other shops to explore the rich culinary culture of Ghent!

Discover the Belgian city of Bruges during the Christmas season

Bruges is one of the famous tourist destinations of Belgium – the most attractive place for you to visit and enjoy the quintessence of a European Christmas.

Known as the “Venice of the North”, Bruges boasts a range of well-preserved medieval buildings, creating a unique atmosphere when you visit this city. Here are a few highlights of the Christmas season in Bruges that you should not miss.

There are many Christmas markets throughout the city of Bruges Belgium

One of the most fascinating reasons to visit this quaint city is the presence of the very interesting Christmas Market. Christmas markets here usually take place at the end of November and throughout December every year.

The two largest and most famous markets in Bruges are Market Palace and Simon Stevinplein. Walking around the stalls is a real joy, when you will see crafts, gifts and decorations. If you are attracted by the delicious flavors of these markets, don’t forget to enjoy Belgian world famous hot waffles and chocolates.

In addition, Christmas markets also sell a variety of clothing and utensils, this is the perfect place to buy great Christmas gifts at low prices on the last days of the fair. In addition to shopping, there are many ways to enjoy these Christmas markets. If you wish, you can skate around the center of Bruges Market Square!

Discover the Belgian city of Bruges during the Christmas season

Enjoy extremely attractive Belgian cuisine

If you choose a famous Belgian dish that is known worldwide, it is chocolate. Chocolate is available year-round, but at Christmas you will enjoy some special delicacies during the festival. This may be one of the best chocolate of the year so you can not ignore this dish during Christmas in the Belgian city of Bruges.

If chocolate is not what you are looking for, try exploring the city’s brewery. Some of Belgium’s most famous breweries are located in Bruges. There are many different world famous breweries like Bruges Zot or De Halve Maan offering the rich taste of this world famous drink!

Festive events at Christmas

Bruges, Belgium, hosts the annual Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, which takes place from late November to mid-January. This highly anticipated event is held at the railway station and includes a number of tournaments. Great festive decor along with some of the most fascinating snow ice sculptures are found anywhere across Europe.

Travelers who want to go to Belgium to celebrate Christmas and see the flowers can visit the Magical Winter Moments at Old St John’s Hospital which is the venue for the Christmas flower festival.

This is one of the best times of the year to travel to Belgium, if Bruges is the city you are headed to, do not forget to plan in advance because on this occasion many hotels are very crowded.

Fall in love with the beauty of Bruges, Belgium

Dubbed the “Venice of Northern Europe”, the city of Bruges tops the list of the most beautiful places in Belgium. This city has a romantic beauty with many mossy ancient bridges located on small canals under the underground city and medieval European architecture. Right from the first moments, you will immerse yourself in a fairytale landscape with medieval Gothic-style buildings, charming and peaceful cobblestone streets of Bruges, Belgium. Bruges is a city on the water, so you have to look at the map of the city to see all the confusion of the rivers here. Tiny, curved canals surround the city. In any corner of Bruges, you can see the images of ancient houses silhouetted in the fresh water.

Therefore, the most common way to travel to Bruges is by boat. The boat in Bruges is a small boat without a roof or glass frame, so it is very convenient for those who love photography. Tickets for a tour on the river are 6 euros. The boatman is also a tour guide fluent in three languages, French, Dutch and English, which will explain each place you visit, from the 600-year-old bridge spanning the river, the church, the palace, the museum or the newly built structures later … Taking the horse-drawn carriage is another option to discover Bruges. Small cobblestone streets are around the town square. Beautiful little wooden bridges across the mossy green canals, the ancient churches that when stepped inside, the scene displayed before the eyes was absolutely magnificent and extremely majestic.

Enjoy America’s most unique Mardi Gras festival in southern Louisiana

Americans have long been excited about the Mardi Gras festival. And if you want to enjoy this festival in the best way, come to Cajun Country, a French-speaking area located in Louisiana, where there is another Mardi Gras filled with pranks.

Mardi in French means Tuesday, Gras is fat or excess. The name of this traditional festival originates from Western countries of Christianity. Most of them have a custom of hoarding food in the house to use for many days. After that, bring them all to enjoy on Tuesday, just before Ash Wednesday, the day that all Christians must be fasting and abstain from meat according to the law.

Gradually, the Mardi Gras festival is no longer a traditional holiday for Christians, but it has become a true festival with massive parades and fun parties. This is considered a very important event in the cultural and spiritual life of people in Cajun Country, Louisiana, United States, taking place around February or March each year. So when traveling to the United States around this time, don’t miss the chance.

Outside a ranch in Eunice, Louisiana, residents gathered in eager mood. Despite the bustling Carnival atmosphere in New Orleans, about three hours away by car, the people here have a way to welcome their own Mardi Gras, which is to chase chickens.

Enjoy America’s most unique Mardi Gras festival in southern Louisiana

This festival has a slightly longer common name, Courir de Mardi Gras. It is held annually in southern Lousiana, according to the Cajun tradition, also on Fat Tuesday. According to the legend of the French, in the Middle Ages, the poor would disguise themselves in masks and straw hats called capuchons. They performed excitedly in exchange for food on the holiday.

This Madi Gras festival has a deeper connection to the people of Cajun than Christmas. They vary slightly from the original French. With no rewards for beautiful boys, girls, or numerous carnival, Mardi Gras new style in Eunice is more about prankster jokes and uniting people.

Many localities in Cajun still hold Madi Gras in a closed way, preventing women and outsiders from participating. However, some places are more open and organized full of interesting activities, such as Courir de Mardi Gras in Eunice. In 2006, Grammy-winning musician and producer, Joel Savoy and his colleague, Linzay Young, organized the event in parallel with the traditional event, and were attended by nearly 900 people. Since then this festival has become an expected annual activity.

Courir de Mardi Gras is like a big party, and is not for the faint of heart. Traditional activities, in addition to humorous races such as catching chickens, then all together roll a few miles to see who is the first to reach the destination. There was no discrimination, even the cheerleader was adorable: “Hey, Mardi Gras – happy Mardi Gras!”.

At the beginning of the festival, a designated Capitaine will lead. Everyone has to wear colorful costumes, without exception. There will be men and women responsible for the “warning”, in their hands are colorful whips, and anyone who dares to play too much will be punished immediately. Until the official festival begins, people are allowed to rush out like bees to burst their nests and chase chickens in the vast grasslands.

After a few hours of fun, everyone will relax on the grass, and enjoy delicious spicy sausages. Those who are not tired, can participate in climbing a pole, with a chicken on it. The person who gets the chicken will lift it up. Usually the chicken will be safe to go, not fall into the pot like many other Mardi Gras festivals.

Courir de Mardi Gras may be noisy, but it is a meaningful activity for the Cajun culture and community. It usually ends around 2pm, when music and better meals await everyone at the hotel.

Dr Barry Jean Ancelet, a Cajun folklore researcher and author of Capitaine, Voyage Ton Flag, said: “Courir de Mardi Gras is trying to create joy, shake up the old customs long time ago thought it is difficult to replace. I was surprised by the creativity in the organization, as well as the integration of traditional masks into the fun.”


Admire the beauty of Mount Rushmore

The United States is famous for its natural constructions combined with the creative architectural arts of people creating many vivid pictures in real life. One of the peak works like that is Mount Mountmore – The immortal sculpture, the pride of the US people.

What do you know about Mount Rushmore?

Mount Rushmore is a national memorial that the United States built to honor the famous early president of the country. The name of this place is a resonance from those special things. Initially the sculpture project of celebrity statues was built to develop the wild tourism industry here.

In the early years of the 20th century, it was expected that the completion time of the project would be around 1935. However, during the construction process, there were many cost problems incurred, until 1941 the portraits of presidents were completed. These 18-meter-tall statues have successfully portrayed presidents’ portraits in the first 130 years since America gained independence.

They are all influential people and pride in the hearts of the American people. First, there is President George Washington, who completely changed American history and his name is the capital of the current United States, followed by President Thomas Jefferson, President Theodore Roosevelt and finally Abraham Lincoln.

The journey to build this marvelous architecture has proven the creative hands of talented Americans. Along with what history has recorded, this sculptural architecture becomes immortalized by many people around the world. And it was dubbed the symbol of every American symbol, next to the Statue of Liberty or the White House.

Discover the beauty of Mount Rushmore

The outside campus of the mountain is quite airy and wide. This road is completely separate from residential areas. On the two sides of the road are luxuriant canopy trees, which is absolutely an interesting journey for those who love to explore the natural beauty of landscapes by driving motorbikes.

Admire the beauty of Mount Rushmore

Right from afar, you can admire this Rushmore president mountain with white colors stand out in the clear blue sky. The image that appears like giants only appear on movies will make you feel everything is magical. And of course, taking photos to capture these moments is the right thing to do, right?

At the foot of the mountain is a pine forest full of green leaves. Currently, besides sculpting the images on the rocky mountain, the surrounding beauty of the place is still maintained intact. So an experience of walking under the trees can help your spirit more refreshed and enjoy the beauty value that nature offers.

The closer you get to the statues, you’ll see a monumental path leading to the interior entrance. Along the pillars that were built normatively, two sides are all the flags of the US states. The state government thinks that your visit to these great presidents will be more majestic and precious than ever by the presence of the state flags. This once again confirms their national pride and they want the greatest presidents of America to witness the prosperous development of the United States.

The state government has built a large courtyard to help visitors fully admire the beauty of the mountain. In order to avoid strong external impacts and erosion over time, the authorities did not open the way up. However, if you stand in the courtyard area, you still enjoy all the beauty from many sides of the rocky mountain. In addition, the large space between nature and sky will stimulate all senses, especially in a crowded atmosphere and many surrounding guests.

If you’ve visited the area of ​​ Rushmore President statues, then continue to visit the historic museum at the foot of the mountain. There are many historical artifacts that have been used during the construction of this marvelous work by the United States. In particular, the prototype of the presidential work was sketched on a small rock by the artistic hand of Gutzon Botzon.

It is very interesting that you can see the statue outside the rock parallel to the statue in the museum through the magical window in the distance. It was truly a funny moment that brought an unforgettable experience to any traveler.

Also inside the museum is a small memorial to honor the great contributions that architect Gutzon spent the rest of his life to build this work. The memorial was made by the son of Lincoln Borglum, who followed and completed the final part of Rushmore Presidential Mountain upon his father’s will.

Unique guitar-shaped hotel in Florida

Part of a popular casino resort, the Guitar Hotel is overwhelmed by its unique appearance, like a rising guitar that touches the sky.

Guitar Hotel, an 450 ft (137 m) architectural wonder was inaugurated on October 24 in Hollywood, Florida (USA). This is the first guitar-shaped hotel in the world, part of an expansion project with a total cost of up to US $ 1.5 billion of Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, one of the two famous casino resorts owned by Seminole Tribe of Florida (the remaining resort is in the city of Tampa).

The design of the hotel is taken care of every detail, clearly showing the guitar face and guitar strings. The glass is installed from the foot to the top of the building, making the blue guitar even more dazzling in the natural sunlight and blending into the sky.

“We created this unique hotel because the guitar is the world’s music symbol, for anyone from any background,” Drew Schlesinger, vice president of Hotel Operations, told People magazine.

It took three years for the Guitar Hotel to complete with up to 638 rooms. Designed by Klai Juba Wald Architecture + Interiors in Las Vegas, the hotel can easily be seen from miles away, creating new and inspiring landscapes for tourists and locals alike.

Unique guitar-shaped hotel in Florida

When approaching, you will be immediately impressed with the green, dynamic and multi-layered space to explore the resort. The guest experience is therefore also richer, constantly changing at every angle.

The Guitar Hotel lobby is the work of Tony Award-winning architect and designer – David Rockwell and his Rockwell Group. With great love for nature, Rockwell used many natural materials such as stone, wood, wall and waterfall to make the lobby come alive.

He also partnered with WET company to build The Oculus bar inside the hotel, combining water, fire and technology to bring a colorful space. At night, the lights and music work together in perfect harmony, captivating to every visitor.

Adjacent to Guitar Hotel is Oasis Tower, a seven-storey hotel consisting of 168 rooms. One-bedroom apartments of 1500 square feet (140 m2) are designed with lots of marble, Japanese-style baths, two Speakman showers of Germany, spacious living and dining space.

Guests staying at Oasis have views of the giant guitar and the 13.5-acre lagoon pool. The entire area goes far beyond the quality of a conventional water park, with a Florida beach-style experience, a tropical lagoon landscape with palm trees swaying in the wind, and a water surface spanning the length of three yards for guests to enjoy kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing and other water sports.

However, the best experience is probably the 16 huts on the water, actually 450 to 800 square feet villas (42 – 74 m2) equipped with private pools, luxurious bathrooms and butler services.

Coming to this casino resort, you definitely should not miss DAER South Florida, the 44,000 m2 indoor and outdoor entertainment complex. At night, it offers 45 blackjack, baccarat and other exciting tables. The LED lighting system was installed by the idea of ​​lighting designer Steve Lieberman of SJ Lighting, who created the grand stage for the Coachella music festival.

When you want to relax, you can go to Rock Spa & Salon – a 42,000-square-foot (nearly 4,000 m2) spa that utilizes music as the basis for therapies. Three spacious double suites offer three-hour spas with whirlpool baths filled with champagne, fruit and truffle mushrooms.

In addition, the resort also boasts Hard Rock Live, a modern $ 125 million entertainment space, 225,000 square feet (21,000 m2), including 9 VIP rooms. With the clamshell seating, the farthest position is just 50m from the stage, this space uses state-of-the-art mobile stage technology, perfect indoor sound and light. The promise to bring more than 100 music shows each year of the A-list stars started from the Maroon 5 band in the opening ceremony.

Zion National Park – Giant oasis of the United States

Zion National Park is one of the three names listed on the “Three great landscapes” of the US West Coast. Coming here, visitors will feel lost in the scene, immersed in a garden of Eden right in the middle of the world.

The birth of Zion National Park

There are 10 national parks throughout the United States, but of which only one is named “the Garden of Eden”. In Hebrew, it is called Zion. The first Mormons who came here were amazed at the charming beauty of this place, so they named it Zion, the paradise on earth close to God. Zion National Park is located in the southwest of the State of Utah, adjacent to the city of Springdale. Zion is located at the meeting point of the Colorado Plateau, the Great Basin and the Mojave arid desert, with a very large area, about 560 km2 with altitudes from 340m to 810m.

Mormons followers discovered this canyon in 1858. At that time, Mormons were discriminated against in many places. Therefore, they have to find their own way of life. Moving farther and farther to ther west, they realized that this place was extremely beautiful deserted hills and mountains with no human footprint yet. Therefore, they want to choose this place as their homeland.

In 1909, the President of the United States made the decision to protect and maintain this place so he named the National Monument. In the United States, the National Monument is different from the National Park in that it is decided by the President unilaterally, and the National Park must be passed through Congress. At that time, the President called this canyon by the name Mukuntuweap National Park. However, after much opposition from public opinion, it returned to the old Zion as the Mormons used to call in the mid-19th century.

In 1919, Congress approved the upgrade of Zion into Zion National Park and was protected by the Law as Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Parks.

Beauty captivates people in Zion National Park

With a height difference of 1500m and spanning over 60,000 hectares, Zion possesses ideal weather and extremely rich living environment. It has become the home of more than 1,000 plant species, nearly 80 species of animals, 300 species of birds, 50 species of amphibians and reptiles, …. People can easily find trees with strange shapes and special colors that are thought to exist only in mythology. If you pay close attention, you will see snails that are only in Zion National Park but nowhere else in the world.

Zion National Park – Giant oasis of the United States

If you come from the east of the park, experience the Zion – Mt motorway, which is a 12-mile entrance to the south entrance and through the Zion-Mt. If you visit the west of the park, choose Kolob Canyons from Kolob Canyon Visitor Center to Kolob Canyons Viewpoint to see the red cliffs on both sides of the road.

The symbol of Zion National Park is Zion Canyon. Zion Canyon stretches 15 miles around the center of the park. According to surveys and statistics, this is also the most visited place in Zion. A canyon formed by the Virgin River from Navajo Sandstone, Zion Canyon is the starting point for many walking paths to fully explore the beauty of this paradise.

The park has many natural arches, the most beautiful of which is probably the Crawford Arch, visible from the Zion Museum and Kolob Arch. All are made up of wind, erosion and natural streams that are helping to change the shape of the park’s rocky mountains.

From Zion National Park there are many walking paths for all visitors who want to experience more clearly such as the paths along the river or the craggy trails. Starting from Zion Lodge, Lower Emerald Pool and increase the level of challenge for travelers along the water. The water is a connection to Kayenta and the Upper Emerald Pool trail to climb higher with views over the Zion gorge.

If you want to increase the sense of adventure, you can experience the beauty of the narrow ravine called The Narrows. The Narrows is a deep ravine, with water rising about 1m2. The surrounding sandstone caves are quite small, just barely a person through. Surrounding this interesting place is clear water, clearly see each beautiful stone at the bottom.

The Zion National Park adventure is indispensable the famous Angels Landing. This stretch of 2.4 miles is equivalent to 3.8 km and is not for the faint of heart. Visitors will follow the extremely narrow trail, clinging to chains attached to the cliff to enjoy a unique view of Zion Canyon.

One special thing that you need to keep in mind is that this park is open during 4 seasons of the year. However, the best weather for the most complete journey of discovery is from April to September. Come here to get lost in a paradise and once experience the feeling of peace when watching the emerald river dotted with some bold red leaves.

There is a Caribbean paradise in the Puerto Rican Islands of the United States

The Caribbean – where the climate is warm, the sunny beaches can seduce anyone who arrives, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the Caribbean on the Puerto Rican Islands in the US waters!

Although Puerto Rico is located alone in the Greater Antilles, this is a US territory so if you have a US tourist visa you can come here, which means you can use USD money when traveling in here. Although Spanish is the main language on the island, most people speak English excellently. For American tourists, getting to the Puerto Rico Islands is as easy as going to one of the 50 states.

What is special about the Puerto Rico Islands?

Spanish culture and history on American land

Going to the Puerto Rico Islands will give you the feeling of visiting another country. Spanish culture is still strong in Puerto Rico, from the salsa tunes played in bars to Latin cuisine you can find in every restaurant. If you love Latin American culture, this is a great destination for you. Salsa is Puerto Rico’s biggest contribution to famous Latin music. In the 70s, Cuban dance music combined with Puerto Rico plena and bomba to produce salsa music. You will hear salsa everywhere in Puerto Rico – many restaurants have live music at night and there are many live performances on the street.

The Spanish cultural imprint is most evident in Old San Juan and the UNESCO colonial fortress. The fortress has great views of the city and the sea, and you can easily spend hours wandering the colorful streets of Old San Juan.

The Puerto Rico Islands have their very own cuisine

When in Puerto Rico, remember to enjoy classic local foods like alcapurrias, lechón asado, piononos, mofongo and bacalaitos… Many of these delicacies are sold in kiosks on beaches.

If you have time and transportation, you can drive to the mountainous town of Cayey and take the La Ruta del Lechón roadway in Guavate, where you’ll find some restaurants specializing in pork. There are also Ruta del Mojo Isleño (named after a Puerto Rico island sauce of Muslims used in fish dishes), Ruta del Café (coffee) and Ruta de la Longaniza (sausage).

There is a Caribbean paradise in the Puerto Rican Islands of the United States

The famous Colña colada is born here! All of the special rum, coconut and pineapple drinks are created on this island, and it’s Puerto Rico’s national drink – you can find them everywhere. Puerto Rico coffee is one of the best drinks in the world, internationally loved and widely exported for a long time. In today’s Puerto Rican archipelago, there are more than 10,000 coffee farms that produce a great deal of supply and export!

Where to go in Puerto Rico?

Walk through the cobblestone streets in Old San Juan to learn about the history of San Juan that has existed for more than 500 years, and listen to the historical stories here that will appeal to you.

Puerto Rico is not very big, but its landscape is still very diverse. Beaches, rainforests, mountains … are all here. And you can go to these places in about an hour from San Juan.

The Bay of Mosquito in Vieques is one of the few places in the world where you can see the phenomenon of bioluminescent bays – where the water lights up in neon green – at the highest intensity (La Parguera, on the island is an option for you). You can kayak here and see how your boat and oars leave a trail of light as they pass through glowing microorganisms in the water.

Isla de Mona is a nature reserve worth a visit, you can still visit its tranquil beaches and explore the beautiful coral reefs and caves that used to be home to indigenous Taínos. Just make sure to book in advance because only 100 travelers are allowed at a time.

The main adventure to come here is at Toro Verde Adventure Park in Orocovis, located in the heart of the mountainous center of Puerto Rico. There is a magnificent zip slide with beautiful views and this is the longest zip slide in the world of more than 2km.

If you do not like sports and just want to relax, Flamenco beach often appears in the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world that you should visit. The sand is very fine and almost white, turquoise and warm water.

If you love to resort, the resorts are great destinations, the price is quite high but it is worth to experience here 1-2 nights or you can also try many different resorts on your trip.

Finally, getting to the Puerto Rico Islands is easy, especially from the US, there are direct flights from cities along the East Coast and you won’t have to spend the whole day just getting here. San Juan is just over 2 hours from Miami and less than 3.5 hours from New York. A trip to America combined with a visit to this wonderful archipelago will surely be an unforgettable experience!

The most poetic beauty of Havasu waterfall in the United States

In the world, there are many waterfalls with marvelous natural beauty that fascinate millions of tourists. One of them is the Havasu waterfall in the US state. This waterfall is always in the top of natural wonders, which bring special attraction to all visitors.

Learn about Havasu waterfalls

Havasu waterfall is located in Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA. The name of the waterfall is named after the Havasupai tribe, which is a tribe of ethnic minorities living near the waterfall. It can be said that up to now, Havasu is the most prominent waterfall in the territory of Arizona.

The waterfall has a height of 27 meters, flows vertically from a large cliff into the deep lake. Due to the erosion of time that at times due to excessive rainfall, Havasu waterfalls will flow down into two parallel waterways. Around the pristine cliffs it almost still retain the full beauty of nature, no human impact yet.

The water under the lake is turquoise. If you look from above, you will feel like seeing a precious green gem of nature. The water color is due to the high content of calcium and magnesium, leading to a chemical reaction. Everything here happens peacefully and dreamily.

However, climate change on Earth now has many consequences. The area near the waterfall is constantly hit by flash floods which seriously affect the landscape of Havasu. So to prevent this, the state government built a large dam nearby to avoid flash floods that alter the natural color of Lake Havasu.

The beautiful beauty of Havasu waterfall

Once praised by many American magazines as a real-life fairytale, Havasu Falls really brings a beauty that attracs millions of hearts. This waterfall is strictly protected, so everything here so far is a vivid, untouched and very romantic picture of nature. If you feel bored with the busy life, then try once to set foot here and give yourself moments of relaxation, harmony with nature. Sitting on the cliff and breathing fresh air, admiring the beauty of a large space will help you quickly regain a spirit of vitality.

The most poetic beauty of Havasu waterfall in the United States

Havasu is blessed with a wonderful beauty that can make you overwhelmed right from the first steps. The high cliffs are close together, the orange color of the land is still the soul of nature. The stream falls strongly down like a giant shower. At the foot of the lake, the shadow of forest trees form a complex with beautiful mountains, lakes and forests. You can save your great moments by checking in, taking photos. In addition, immersing yourself in the emerald-green water completely from nature will also bring you interesting emotions. This magical stream can wash away the stresses, the pressure of life you’re struggling with. Do not worry because this time and space belongs to you alone.

On the journey to explore Havasu waterfall you should also visit the long-standing village of Supai nearby. In addition to resting, you can learn many beautiful things in the lives of indigenous peoples. And what is better than temporarily leaving the noisy world and enjoying a true vacation.

The Supai people are extremely friendly, they are very hospitable, especially the guests show interest in their interesting culture. The village is only about 3km from the waterfall, you can walk here by passing a romantic stream right there.

Although the road can cause difficulties, in return you will fully admire the near to far beauty of the waterfall, the four-sided scenery and discover many interesting things when coming to the village. Of course, you will not find it difficult anymore.

In addition, you can also go up the ridge. Being on high will help you better cover the vast beauty of Havasu waterfall from many different eye angles. You can also listen to the birds singing, the wild, mysterious nature of this place, which will give you a great experience.

Usually in the evenings, the people in the village often organize camping, chatting and exchanging with tourists. You may be able to enjoy many delicious traditional dishes that hospitable people personally make for you. Those flavors will be difficult if you want to search in the modern world.

In addition, you will be accompanied by many other tourists and people to campfire, listen to stories of indigenous people and experience the local culture. In every fun exchange like that, it is indispensable for traditional dances. Everyone can freely sing and exchange friendly glances. Right then you will feel how wonderful this trip to America is!

The journey to Chinatown in New York

Not only in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam or Singapore, the Chinese also built a Chinatown in New York – the most expensive city in the world in the United States.

About Chinatown in New York

Chinatown is not too strange for Eastern countries in general. Wherever you go, Chinese people also live in the community forming streets of ancient China. In the 1870s, the persecution in West America was extremely disastrous. So many Chinese immigrants fled to New York City. They lived concentratedly on Mott Road and gradually formed a Chinese community in the heart of America. Over a long period of time, this neighborhood gradually developed and appeared small shopping malls, roadside shops bearing the culture and characteristics of China.

ChinaTown New York is the largest Chinatown in the United States, formed in the 1880s. Located in southeast Manhattan, this neighborhood is currently home to the largest Chinese population in the United States, with a total population of about 150,000 people. . With its Atlantic location with the famous Statue of Liberty, ChinaTown New York has become an attractive destination not only for Chinese but also for international tourists.

Destinations not to be missed in Chinatown in New York

Visit Chinatown in New York, the first thing you will see is the large market gate designed with Chinese characteristics. The roof system is made of red tile, flanked by two majestic stone unicorns. Entering that gate, you will be overwhelmed with thousands of interesting things waiting for you.

Nom Wah Tea Parlor

If you are a fan of tea, you should not miss this interesting place. This is one of the famous tea rooms with traditional Chinese style. Coming to this place, not only do you enjoy the strong cup of tea with gentle and melodious music, but also have the opportunity to discover pork roast bread, fried egg rolls and stuffed eggplant with with Chinese culture.

Deluxe food market

If you are a person who has a passion for Chinese cuisine, this is the ideal destination. The market is located in the center of the neighborhood, selling a variety of food items. It is not difficult for you to enjoy the famous dishes such as Sichuan roasted duck, tart cake, iron egg, gamy beef, dried seafood, ….

The journey to Chinatown in New York

Michiyo Art Studio

Michiyo Art Studio is a very unique painting area that you should experience. Here, a multi-colored world will unfold before your eyes. Staff will teach you how to draw and color as you like. These paintings are free souvenirs for visitors. Besides, you can transform into Chinese boys and girls in traditional costumes to take pictures of Chinese memories.

Sun Organic garden

Coming to this organic garden, you will admire the thousands of artificially grown plants and flowers. Visitors will feel like you’ve lost a fairytale world filled with colors. The garden is an ideal place for you to take virtual photos when you just lost in the magical flower forest.

Lung Moon Bakery

If you’re thinking of buying Chinese-inspired food right here in Chinatown in New York, stop by Lung Moon Bakery. The owner of the shop is a genuine Chinese baker, famous for his skill in making delicious, unique and creative cakes. In addition, this is also one of the romantic destinations to admire the beautiful nightlife.

Columbus Park

Columbus is one of the most famous parks in Chinatown. Many tourists choose this place to go for a walk, to relax and entertain on a trip to explore America. It’s great because you can use the green carpet to organize outdoor parties or day trips with friends and relatives.

Pell Street

Bell Street is a colorful small street, featuring high-rise buildings over 100 years old. This is also a familiar place that many directors and photographers choose to set up for their montages and photography. It is not difficult to find shops selling souvenirs, antiques and handmade jewelry on this street.

Discover food at Chinatown restaurants in New York


Latito is one of the famous cuisine restaurants that attracts the most tourists in this neighborhood. Some of the fine dishes of the restaurant are Peking duck, dumplings, mantou, … enjoyed with premium wine. The restaurant has a thoughtful and professional service style, spacious space promises to bring you the best experience.

Tuxedo restaurant

Located on Doyers Street, Tuxedo is a prominent traditional restaurant with black and white tones decorated with flower pots of various colors. The menu here includes cold noodles, dumplings, iron eggs, duck tongue, tofu, Beijing roast duck, … with other fine wines.

 Spicy Village

Spicy Village is an ideal place to offer all Sichuan dishes. In addition, this restaurant has a free meal service on weekends. Therefore, you can take advantage of this moment to enjoy various delicious dishes.

Oriental Garden

Unlike Spicy Village, Oriental Garden specializes in processing Cantonese dishes such as steamed fish, tiger shrimp, broccoli, …. In particular, these ingredients are sourced from China, so the dishes are guaranteed both in taste and inherent quality.