Liege – the city of medieval buildings

Liege city is the third largest city in Belgium and the largest city in French-speaking Wallonia. At first glance, the city seems quieter than other places but the people here are very friendly.

Liege city – tourist destination not to be missed in Belgium

Located on the flowing Meuse River, the city of Liege will remind you of something a bit optimistic at the first meeting. An intense cultural and artistic life, an important historical heritage or the architectural excellence of countless museums all make a mark for you on your European travel journey. Liege makes us imagine this place as a weird city but still fascinates us. Also Liege is a city with many attractions, and is a very popular tourist destination.

Liège in French means the very light material to make a cork, so people like to play on words, saying their city is the lightest place in the world. Liège is a place that still preserves almost entirely works built from ancient times. Going to Liège, visitors will enjoy walking on the old streets, watching the houses around the square built of rustic blue stone or visiting the Walloon Art Museum, which is the display of works of artists in the area since Roman times.

Liege was a very important political center of medieval Europe. Eight Roman Catholic churches and cathedrals were built during this period, and seven of these have been preserved to this day. St. Lambert Church was destroyed in 1794, but they still preserve the remains. Church in St. Bartholomew was built in the eleventh century, and the baptismal house is one of the seven most important Belgian historical treasures. St Paul’s Church was built in the tenth century, and decorated in the 16th century.

Popular places to visit in Liege

The train station is like a masterpiece of art

It is very rare for a railway station platform to be said to be a masterpiece of art like the platform here. Guests will be impressed by the timeless beauty of the Liege-Giullemins station. The station was restored according to the architectural plan of the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and officially went into operation in 2009. From opening until today, this station has become highlights of the city of Liege.

When the old train station became too small, the Belgian railway society decided to build a new station. The idea of ​​creating a new city icon, a scene that would appeal to visitors from around the world?

Liege Citadel

This area is probably the place that impresses you most when passing through Belgium’s largest town in the East. The contrast between the white light, the ancient architecture of the train station and the dark brick houses in the town seem to be highlighted, the stronghold occupies the top of the city, making visitors completely hypnotized.

The Citadelle de Liège lies 110 meters lower than the valley of the Meuse River and its origins date back to 1255. The gigantic wall of the architecture was destroyed by the French and rebuilt by the Dutch, the stronghold continued to be used as a barracks. Today only southern walls remain to be used as prisons during WW2. There is also an impressive cemetery honoring the victims of the Nazi regime.

Montagne de Bueren

One of Liège’s most eye-catching attractions, Montagne de Bueren, the 374 staircase is said to connect the new neighborhoods behind the citadel with the old city center and obviously shortening the way for the soldiers. If you like to wander, take a stroll through the enchanting narrow streets of the Citadel, be careful not to get lost.

Liege – the city of medieval buildings


Cruise on the Meuse River

To visit the city of Liege, the beautiful gem in the east of Belgium, you will have a trip on the river flowing through Liege: the Meuse. On the boat, you will admire some of Liège’s most beautiful sights from a different perspective.

Rue Hors-Chateau

Rue Hors-Chateau is the most famous street in the old part of the city of Liege. It originated in the tenth century and was originally placed outside the city walls. This is the headquarters of nobility and religious organizations, and those who love the architectural wonders can still see preserved houses and buildings dating back to the 17th and 18th century.


Liege has a large number of museums and galleries, which attract a large number of visitors every year. The Curtis Grand Museum originates in the 16th century, and has an excellent collection of archeology, decoration, and religious relics. The Napoleon Weapon Museum has over a thousand copies of the weapons of the ancient and modern world. There is also a museum with an extremely unique collection from the sixteenth century to the present. It is the Aquarium Museum with 46 lakes and 2,500 species of creatures, and more than 250 oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and all kinds.

Cuisine in the city of Liege

Belgian waffles, a dessert you must try when traveling to Liege. Besides chocolate and beer, Belgium is an expert when it comes to good food, and it seems that they want to develop the cuisine of Belgium. That’s the only way you can explain how they produce nearly 1600 beers and an almost endless amount of chocolate creations.

But strangely, there are only two types of waffles: “Gaufres de Bruxelles” is made of thin yeast dough that makes them lighter. The edges of the pie are smooth and rectangular in shape with deep holes. And the “Gaufre de Liège” waffles are made with thicker flour, like bread. The dough contains caramelize sugar cubes with heat and gives the waffle a golden, crunchy coating. The edges of the Liege waffles are more uneven, its shape is more rounded and the taste is sweeter than the waffles of Brussels.

Liege city of Belgium has a rich culture, many historical sites. Guests can enjoy a tour with many attractions, this is also an entertainment city with many restaurants, shopping centers, cafes, bars, and night clubs. Liege is a city that is sure to bring you an exciting trip and unforgettable memories.

Discover fairy-tale Hallerbos forest just 30 km from Brussels

The tiny green carpet of Bluebell flowers blooming each spring in the Hallerbos forest makes it a fascinating European tourist destination!

When should you visit Hallerbos forest?

Every year in April, tourists and locals flock to Hallerbos forest for only about 30 km from the Belgian capital Brussels to watch the Bluebells flowers in full bloom on each occasion. Hallerbos turned into a green forest with the ground covered with tiny bluebells flowers.

However, the best time to visit Hallerbos is different each year and depends on the weather. The earlier the temperature rises, the sooner the flowers bloom. However, warmer weather also means that more leafy plants lose the green patches of sunlight, making you see darker purple flowers!

As the Bluebells season is close, the website of the Hallerbos forest publishes daily updates (for the week) on the status of the blue bell flowers. That way, photographers and other Belgian tourists know whether it’s still too early or need to plan to head to this forest right away!

Generally, 10 days after the blue bell flowers begin to bloom is the best time to come here. During small bluebell flowering, the rays of the sun can penetrate through the canopy of the tree and touch the flowers, creating a beautiful color blend of blue and light purple! It is great to get the photos here.

Discover fairy-tale Hallerbos forest just 30 km from Brussels

There are different walking paths throughout the Hallerbos forest and visitors are encouraged not to stray the trail so that the flowers are best protected. Those who want to film or hold a photo during the flowering process need to get permission to do that, but it doesn’t matter if you just want to take your camera or phone to take photos of a few flowers.

At each Hallerbos car park there will be a signboard showing the walking trails in the Hallerbos forest, but if you want to follow the route with the most blue bell flowers you have to ask the instructor or download it from the site.

Because the blooming period of the blue bell flowers is very short, a lot of people visit the green forest during the weekends. However it’s not a big deal if you just want to see the flowers and walk, but it will be problematic if you want to get some bluebell photos without someone there, so it’s best to go on weekdays. The best time of the day to visit is in the early morning so you can catch the sunrise through the trees, or in the evening when the sun comes back.

Things to keep in mind when visiting this lovely forest

In recent years, the beauty of Hallerbos forest has been introduced on many major radio and television channels, such as BBC, CNN, AFP. Tens of thousands of tourists from as far away as India. , Finland, Japan, China … flock here to enjoy one of the unique natural beauty of Belgium. Many European tourists come to Belgium at the end of April and early May just for the purpose of discovering this natural beauty.

Visiting this ancient forest, you will not have to pay any fees such as entrance fees, parking … On the weekends of the last three weeks of April and early May, Halle city organizes free shuttle bus from Halle train station to Hallerbos and vice versa.

Although they are quite fragile, bluebell flowers are tough species of wild flowers because they grow back from year to year. But this wild flower is also very vulnerable. When being picked, these bell-shaped flowers will quickly droop and will not be able to flower if accidentally stepped on by tourists. Therefore, visitors to the Hallerbos forest are required to follow the rules of the right path for pedestrians and not step to the flower beds, and step on the flowers when taking pictures. However, unfortunate things still happen.

There are some picnic tables outside Hallerbos but you should go to the toilet before you start walking and bring some water and maybe some snacks. You will have to keep the trash by yourself because there is no trash. There is a pub in the north of the forest but there is no food and drink inside Hallerbos.

Where do you expect to be on the list of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii?

The most beautiful beaches in Hawaii are truly the dream destinations of travelers around the world!

Kailua Beach, Oahu

This beautiful white sandy beach is an ideal spot for surfing, kayaking and swimming thanks to the constant winds and many sporting equipment rental companies nearby. Kailua Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii so it can be crowded on weekends, so plan on coming here on weekdays if possible. Small weddings are often held, so it’s no surprise that you will see a wedding here.

Lanikai Beach, Oahu

In the Hawaiian language, Lanikai means “sky sea”. Lanikai Beach is perfectly beautiful with golden sand mixed with turquoise of seawater and the green of leaves. The cool fresh breeze blowing in alleviates the heat of Hawaii.

Recognized by locals as one of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii, Lanikai Beach offers an ideal picturesque beach environment for any beach day activities, swimming, kayaking, diving under water or just relaxing on the soft white sands with your family. Not surprisingly, Lanikai Beach is on the list of the top 10 beaches in the world. This is also an attractive destination on Oahu Island for visitors.

The dazzling sunlight here is suitable for visitors to bask in the sand and the sea full of brilliant coral reefs offshore is an ideal diving spot for those who love watching the rich flora and fauna underwater. Some other popular activities on Lanikai beach are also very interesting, attracting a lot of tourists such as kayaking, windsurfing, surfing, …

Hanalei Bay Beach, Kauai

In the list of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii we must mention Hanalei Bay beach. This beach is surrounded by green mountains that are higher than 1,200 meters. In winter, the waves on the sea are very high, visitors freely come here surfing. But during the summer months, the sea water is quieter and is suitable for swimming.

Where do you expect to be on the list of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii?

When visiting here, visitors will see the thousand of meter high peaks covered with mist. Hanalei Bay Beach is 3 km long, 38 m wide and bordered by the Hanalei River to the west, the Waipa River to the east. The sea floor is not too deep, so it is suitable for travelers who just practice diving, do not have much experience. At the pier on the coast is also a place for tourists to swim and fish.

Waikiki Beach, Honolulu

Probably, this is the most beautiful beach on Oahu. Located in the southern part of Honolulu county on Oahu Island, Waikiki Beach is famous for its white sand and a beautiful blue water.

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii and also the most crowded beach, is an ideal place for surfing, boating, scuba diving and many other popular activities.

You can visit the ancient crater in the south of Waikiki. Getting to the rim of the crater can be quite difficult, but as a result you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of Waikiki beach.

Poipu Beach Park, Kauai

Poipu Beach Park is located in the Poipu community on the southern coast of Kauai Island in Hawaii. The beach is a lifeguard park provided by the Kauai district. There is a diving and surfing area on the coral reef, very suitable for tourists who love the sea and have a passion for water sports.

This beach also attracts a lot of families, because tranquil waters tend to be suitable for beginner swimmers and families to experience. You can do many things here, from surfing to snorkeling, swimming.

Nearby, you’ll find top resorts like Ko’a Kea and Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa.

The most beautiful beaches in Hawaii are places that many tourists want to visit once in a lifetime because of the clear blue water, romantic sunsets, pristine beauty and attractive tourist activities here.

The thousand-year-old trees in the Muir Woods National Monument

America has many immense forests that are full of mystical beauty, conquering the curiosity of millions of visitors around the world. San Francisco Muir Forest is one of the famous primeval forests and attracts tourists like that. The beauty of this mysterious forest has never disappointed its discoverers.

Little-known things about Muir Woods National Monument

The San Francisco Muir Forest is a complex of millions of precious trees that are hundreds of years old, even thousands of years old and carries an extremely diverse ecosystem. This forest is about 225 hectares wide and located about 40 km from the city center.

The forest had previously faced the risk of serious encroachment due to deforestation for land to build dams but fortunately the forest was saved in time thanks to the help of Congressman Wiliam Kent. He bought the entire forestland and presented it to the government, resolutely demanding protection of this beautiful primeval forest.

Shortly thereafter in 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt decreed to recognize the forest as an important part of the nation, a majestic natural monument that needs to be cared for and protected. At that time, the forest was named for scientist John Muir because of his great contribution to the discovery, research and construction of the entire national biological park system in the San Francisco Muir forest.

Today, this forest is an important asset and a destination not to be missed when traveling to the United States. The values ​​that this forest brings to scientific works are immeasurable. The ancient trees here are hundreds of years old, even some trees are over 1200 years old. It can be said that the existence of this primeval forest system has proved the extraordinary strength of human beings towards the evolution of thousands of years of history and this is the most representative representative witnessing a period of brilliant development in human history.

The thousand-year-old trees in the Muir Woods National Monument

What should you do when you go to Muir Woods National Monument?

The most interesting experience in a large forest that has many things to explore like this, of course, you should walk along the forest to explore every detail, answer the curious issues that you are interested in. Certainly here you will enjoy the space and beautiful beauty from this natural paradise.

In the Muir San Francisco forest, deep, long paths were designed. So you do not need to worry when you are inherently not an experienced person walking in the immense forests. Along the way exploring the forest, you will see floating rock mounds around and the sound of forest birds. It must be a sense of indescribable simplicity, a strange clarity from the world of nature.

Inside the forest, the animal world is also extremely friendly. Of course you should bring a phone or a camera to capture some interesting moments about the life of the natural world. Check-in is also one of the favorite pleasures of many visitors, they spend most of their time enjoying the photos and videos themselves discovered. So you should experience a little bit of this feeling too!

“The Wishes” is one of the most prominent activities on this adventure and most tourists would like to be done when they arrive at Muir San Francisco forest. That’s how you find the oldest tree in the forest and pray. The tree is located deep inside the forest so you have to persevere along the long way, but if you can see the beauty of this tree, you will have to admire it.

Right here, say your wish, the tree will witness and according to the spirituality of the local people, it is the belief. Who knows, your sincerity and effort will help your wishes to be fulfilled in the nearest future.

Things to note when visiting Muir Woods National Monument

The forest becomes extremely crowded on weekends or public holidays, especially in the summer. This is the most beautiful season that makes the whole forest filled with lush green scenery, weaving through sunlight through every leaf. The weather at this time is also extremely favorable for excursions, playing and discovering the interesting things from this rare ecosystem.

However, if you choose to explore the Muir San Francisco forest, start your journey early in the morning on weekdays. You know, the awakening of nature in the early morning always contains many interesting things and also helps your spirit pristine and refreshing. In addition, if you visit on the days of the week, you will avoid having to encounter too many other people, affecting your own visit.

The national park is open all day of the week so you don’t need to worry about the limited time. However, because the weather in the forest is often humid, the temperature drops much compared to outside, so please wear a thin coat!

In addition, tourists are not allowed to eat and drink many things in the park because it can affect the whole ecosystem and animal world. You should prepare a good stomach before starting the journey and comply with the regulations of the forest.

6 eco-tourism destinations in the US for fresh food

If you are the type of person who hunts for fresh food, visit 6 eco-tourism destinations in the US below with attractive services and enthusiastic guides.

Our fathers used to find food everywhere to survive, but hunting and gathering became much less common with the emergence of grocery stores.

Nowadays, as ecotourism is thriving, people need to learn more about the origins of the ingredients that make up their daily dishes. So, what could be better for them to satisfy their desires than to experience themselves a source of food?

It is time to go back to the time of picking the dandelion flower in the backyard and searching for raspberries growing on wood. Excursions to experience hunting and gathering in the city or the countryside will give you the opportunity to find food yourself, meet and have dinner with new friends.

Coming to the following 6 eco-tourism destinations in the US, you will surely experience the joy of these excursions and have a fun time.

Ecotourism in Weyerhaeuser, Wisconsin

In the beginning, it would be great to have a guide because you will encounter many different poisonous plants and even poisonous mushrooms.

Come to the old town of Weyerhaeuser, where the population is only 238 and meet Samuel Thayer – founder of The Forager’s Harvest, you will have the opportunity to participate in hunting and gathering classes for tourists lasted from May to October, taught by industry experts.

Join the class, you will experience the first step of the hunting, gathering and depending on the time of year, you can find many different food sources such as nuts or vegetables.

These classes usually last about 1 week for $ 300, including the cost of room accommodations and some meals.

Find fresh food in the heart of New York City

Have you ever considered hunting and gathering experiences in bustling cities like New York? This is entirely possible when you join Steve Wild (real name Steve Brill) in Central Park.

Spend a day with your child exploring the wildlife in the city that never sleeps.

These tours start from early March to early December. Depending on the time of travel, you will have the opportunity to see from ginkgo, American rose to the bark of Kentucky coffee trees.

The estimated cost for each trip is 20 USD and the time for each trip is about 4 hours.

In addition, Steve also organizes tours in many parts of New York State, even farther places if you wish to temporarily escape the hustle and bustle life in the big city.

6 eco-tourism destinations in the US for fresh food

Luxury camping in Ithaca, New York

Within 90 minutes, you will learn to distinguish many different plant species including mushrooms, oak seeds, onions, leafy greens and many other plants.

The tour guide also encourages visitors to taste Firelight’s valuable natural medicines in the ground and ask them all the questions you are still wondering. So bring with you an inquisitive mind, exploring in the mind of an adventurer, conquering challenges.

This service is available from April to November for US $ 40.

Hunt mushroom and enjoy wine in Willamette, Oregon

Willamette Valley in Oregon, also known as the “wine town”, is extremely popular for good food and wine parties.

Besides, the hunt for truffles here is also becoming increasingly popular with visitors to the US. Truffles grow very much in the forest in the Willamette Valley, they have a very fragrant aroma and often cost more than 500 USD / 1 pound

This journey to find your favorite dish starts in winter until spring.

If you’re interested in joining the tour, Prestige Wine is a good choice. You will have the opportunity to accompany professional hunters and dogs that hunt this mushroom.

After the hunt, you will be able to choose to join the wine party with the valuable mushrooms picked by your own hands in the wine-drinking room.

Surely you will be tired after a long trip, so rent a lovely classic house to make a resting place, preparing for the next exciting experience.

Seaweed harvest on the Central Coast, California

Interestingly, the ocean contains more than 10,000 types of seaweed. If you are curious about the variety and different uses of these seaweeds, take a trip to explore the Central Coast in California, along Highway 1 with the Marley Seaweeds.

Try making your own dishes with seaweed based recipes such as Icelandic seaweed bread or Korean-style seaweed omelette eggs.

Join the mushroom party in McCloud, California

Get ready for the weekend mushroom party as part of the McCloud Mushroom and Music Festival held on Memorial Day in the historic town of McCloud.

During the festival, you will have the opportunity to collect mushrooms with Todd Spanier – who is known as the King of Mushrooms, to attend seminars about mushrooms and experience dinner with a variety of mushroom dishes Besides, you will have the opportunity to sample exquisite local dishes made from mushrooms of 8 street vendors in McCloud commercial area.

The restaurants here often combine mushrooms with local dishes, making the menu extremely rich.

Visit Portland – discover the charming beauty of the land of roses

If you want to explore the peaceful beauty of America, Portland tourism – a romantic land dubbed “the city of roses” is a great suggestion you should not miss.

Portland is the largest city in the state of Oregon, USA and the third largest after Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia in the Pacific Northwest. The city was founded in 1851, covering an area of ​​375 km2 with a population of about 600,000 people. During the 19th century, due to owning the main seaport of the entire Pacific Northwest, after just over 150 years of establishment, Portland became the 30th largest city of the United States.

Traveling to Portland, you are not only fascinated by the beauty of modern, elegance, peaceful and poetic architecture of small bridges, but also attractive by the arrogant beauty of the roses here. At the beginning of the 20th century, Portland has built a splendid rose garden with a variety of brilliant genres. That’s why Portland is also known as the ‘rose city’.

The affectionate name of “rose city” first appeared in 1888. By 1905 it became more and more popular after the 100th anniversary of the expedition of Lewis and Clark (American first land expedition to the Pacific coast). During this celebration, Mayor Harry Lane offered to organize a Portland rose festival and has now become the official festival that many people expect in this beautiful city.

Located in a fertile valley, with a mild, cool climate, Portland is an ideal land for growing flowers, especially roses. From parks, amusement parks, museums, houses to cemeteries, … very street, every corner of the city of Portland has the presence of flowers symbolizing love and beauty.

In addition to the beauty of roses, Portland is full of flowers all year round. May is dreaming and beautiful with Tulip Festival, June is bright with Rose Festival, July is gentle with lavender, etc. In winter, the whole city is covered with white snow.

If you want to explore the peaceful beauty of America, Portland tourism is a great suggestion you should not miss. Especially when visiting this country, you will have the opportunity to admire the International Rose Experiment Garden with more than 8,000 species of roses.

In June, roses will bloom and be the most brilliant. This is also the time for the rose festival to take place. So hurry up and catch an American tour to the city of Portland this season to see firsthand the colorful roses blooming, sniffing the aromatic seductive charm that fascinates people.

Visit Portland – discover the charming beauty of the land of roses

The most beautiful parks in Portland

Mount Tabor Park

Located on a volcano in the middle of Portland, Tabor city park is an ideal stop for you to explore the beautiful nature. The name of the park is named after the volcano here.

Coming here, visitors not only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, airy space but also participate in exciting picnic activities. Because beside the 190.82-acre campus, the park also has a full range of amusement parks, outdoor dining, tennis courts, basketball, volleyball, … This is the ideal place to stop by for families, teams, and friends to gather on every weekend.

Washington Park

A “rose city” tour will not be complete if you skip the Washington city park. Washington Park was originally a wilderness area planned in 1871.

Interesting attractions here promise to bring many fascinating things like the famous Rose Test Garden with more than 10,000 colorful roses. And remember not to miss the opportunity to admire the 5.5-acre Japanese garden with the full landscape of the land of cherry blossoms such as pond, tea room, rocky sand garden, cherry trees, etc. , you can also visit the Portland Children’s Museum and Hoyt Arboretum, museums, …

The world’s smallest park – Mill Ends

If you are a fan of photography, hurry to visit Mill Ends Park. Here you can capture great moments in downtown Portland. Mill End Park has a diameter of nearly 61cm, as small as a lovely flower pot. Recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest park in the world.

In the past, it was just a pit for a lamppost. When the pillar fell, grass began to grow around. Dick Fangan, a journalist from the Oregon Journal decided to plant flowers and plants himself and named it Mill Ends. In 1976, it was recognized as an official city park.

Macleay Park

Another interesting stop when you travel to America to explore the beauty of Portland is Macleay Park. There are unique public trails and public facilities for you to admire while walking through the forest. Temporarily away from the bustling life in the city, Macleay Park is an ideal destination for you to enjoy the fresh, relaxing atmosphere in the green forest.

Tanner Springs Park

Tanner Springs Park is like an oasis in the heart of the city. The park has an area of ​​1ha, was built in 2010. The three sides of the park are submerged in water with steps arranged so that visitors can walk and sit, enjoy the view. A part of the park is designed with a gravel rising path that leads through wetlands and grass planting, creating a mysterious, wild space.

In particular, the eastern part of the park has an impressive seat design based on the fascinating installation art of connecting Tanner Springs with Jamison Square. With these unique features, Tanner Springs Park is one of Portland’s most peaceful places you should visit.

Travel to North America to explore the majestic Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls in America is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Located between the border of the United States and Canada, this place is one of the attractive tourist destinations not to be missed.

Things to know about Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is the most famous waterfall in North America with over 10 million visitors each year. Niagara Falls is a combination of 3 adjacent beautiful waterfalls, including Horseshoe Fall on the Canadian side, American Fall in the middle of the US-Canada border and a smaller waterfall is Bridal Veil Fall. This majestic waterfall was discovered in the 17th century thanks to the discovery of Louis Ennepin, who discovered St. Anthony Falls. The name Niagara is derived from “Onguiaahra” in Iroquois meaning “god of thunder” or “roar of water”. They said that the roar of waterfalls is the conversation of the thunder god.

Although it does not possess impressive height, Niagara Falls is very wide. In which Horseshoe waterfall is wider than 790m and American waterfall is 323m wide. Not only that, Niagara also has the largest water reserve in the world with an average water flow through the waterfall every second is 6,740m3. Intense water falling from three large waterfalls has formed a huge lake with a depth of 55m. Coming here, you will be able to see firsthand the vast lake with torrential water pouring down.

The beauty of Niagra waterfall is seasonal

Niagara is one of the most beautiful natural waterfalls in America. In each season of the year, Niagara brings a different magical beauty. Whether you visit the waterfall in any season of the year, it is sure that the majestic scenery and wild charm here will make you fall in love.


The temperature here is quite low, so even in spring, the weather is still quite cold. The best time to visit in spring is between April and early May, when the temperature is warmer and the tourist activities here are starting to reopen. The Niagara Botanical Garden with a rich variety of vegetation will welcome you to explore with free admission. Other travel service activities are also quite affordable because this is the beginning of the season when there are not many tourists, you can enjoy playing without worrying about crowded crowds like summer or autumn.

Travel to North America to explore the majestic Niagara Falls


Summer from late June to early September is the peak tourist time in Niagara. Here, you can have fun on the two-story cruise ship named Maid of the Mist running around Niagara Falls. These ships usually last 30 minutes and start serving from April until the end of October. North of the Horseshoe waterfall is the White Water Walk rapids. This is a small river with the characteristic green water flowing swiftly. You can stand on the riverside bridge and admire the beautiful scenery here. And don’t forget to explore the tunnel maze leading to the observatory just behind the fast-flowing waterfall, feeling like going a secret path through this craggy waterfall.

Here, you can also explore a special referral program called Niagara’s Fury. The program consists of 2 main parts. The first part will take you back to the ice age millions of years ago through a short animated film. This movie will help you understand the formation of falls from an early age. Next you will admire the scenery of a waterfall in a simulated theater, filled with ground effect shakes.


Autumn is the time when Niagra waterfall becomes the most gentle when the trees begin to bloom, creating a romantic picture. In particular, sometimes here appears very beautiful and shimmering rainbows adorning Niagra. Thanks to the beauty of such paradise, at this time, many tourists come to the waterfall to explore, take photos, especially couples in love.

Attractive service activities such as the two-story Maid of the Mist cruise or the White Water Walk rapids are still open at this time. In late autumn is the harvest season of Niagara vineyards. You definitely should not miss the sweet grapes with dozens of wineries located around the Niagara Falls and Twenty valleys.


Winter in Niagara is heavy snowfall and everything is frozen. So why should we travel to Niagara Falls in the winter? That is because in the winter, the water at the waterfall has completely frozen creating a very majestic and unique scenery. Especially from November to January every year, there is also a very shimmering and magical winter light festival with top lighting performances. In addition, experiencing the feeling of skating or walking on the frozen lake is also extremely interesting and safe. Because the peak tourist season has ended, you can save quite a bit of room rental.

To the United States, visit the Fisherman’s Wharf San Fransico

San Francisco Fishman’s Wharf is one of the city’s attractions. Here converges cultural activities, typical festivals of the people in the sea.

Some features of San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf

Those who have come and understand a lot about America will not be hard to know the name of San Francisco Fishman’s Wharf – one of the top destinations of the city. It is home to the majority of immigrants from Italy. Although the harbor has evolved into a popular San Francisco tourist destination for many years, there is still an image of fishermen operating with their fleets.

Visit San Francisco Fishman’s Wharf, but not only that, there are still many attractive tourist destinations for you to explore and experience. Fisherman’s Wharf extends from Ghirardelli Square to Pier 35, Kearny Street. It is the convergence of 39 harbors, the National Maritime History park and many modern shopping centers and high-end entertainment, …. This is also a place for you to enjoy the talents of street artists and witness the unique cultural festivals or take a scenic walk, learning about the lives of the fishermen.

What is attractive in Fisherman’s Wharf?

As introduced above, visiting San Francisco Fishman’s Wharf  will give you the opportunity to experience many destinations.

Explore Pier 39

Pier 39 is a commercial center and one of San Francisco’s landmarks not to be missed when you arrive in Fisherman’s Wharf. You will see many restaurants, eateries, pubs and many exciting entertainment facilities. In particular, this is also a venue for artists to perform, there are many shops selling souvenirs, a 3D theater showing 3D movies, and many shops of cake, wine, jewelry and clothing. In addition, you can also see the lovely sea lions lying in the sun or playing with each other.

An interesting thing when stopping here is that you can stand to watch the crowded, bustling boats moving back and forth, watch the splendid city view of the massive Golden Gate Bridge, two islands of Angel and Alcatraz with famous prison, Bay bridge, …

To the United States, visit the Fisherman’s Wharf San Fransico

Visit Ghirardelli Square

This is a special project to revitalize the nearby abandoned factory complex. Ghirardelli Square is surrounded by shops, galleries, high-rise buildings, with a unique square design. There was also an old brick-red chocolate factory, which has become a shopping mall, art gallery, amusement park and restaurant. Coming here, in addition to being discovered, you can also enjoy food and relaxation.

Learn the National Maritime History Museum

This is a destination in the US that attracts a lot of tourists to visit. The museum houses a variety of ship models, maritime artifacts and thousands of local artifacts, photographs, papers and costumes. In addition, there are paintings, sculptures of artists and a huge collection of scale boats modeled for visitors to explore.

Journey to the Alcatraz Prison

Alcatraz has long been famous as one of the most rigorous famous prisons in the United States and is also a tourist destination that inspires many works of art, comics and movies. Alcatraz Prison is surrounded by four sides of immense sea, currently opened to become an offshore resort. This place still contains so many traces, tragedies and mysteries of the past that when visiting in addition to excitement, you will also be hair-raising.

Visit San Francisco Bay aquarium

Surely this is a stop not to be missed. Aquarium – a place where hundreds of types of marine creatures converge, giving visitors the feeling of being immersed in the vast ocean. You will stray into it and admire the colorful sea creatures – an enchanting world with a rich world of animals and plants. In addition, you can also participate in diving courses.

Visit souvenir shops

In Fishman’s Wharf, there are many shopping places, so if you do not know what to buy when traveling to San Francisco, do not forget to come here to choose a few items! You can choose to buy high-end clothes and bags or t-shirts, Ghirardelli chocolate, fashion accessories such as glasses, earrings…

Enjoy seafood dishes

Besides the beauty of the charming scenery, Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco is also an attraction for diners who want to enjoy fresh seafood. Here converges many restaurants along the roadside. You can choose any restaurant to order dishes such as clam soup, grilled shrimp, oysters, king crab, steamed crab, fried fish, sourdough bagels, seafood cocktails, … and feel the sea breeze, sea ​​taste.

It can be said that San Francisco Fishman’s Wharf  has always been the most favorite and nostalgic destination for visitors to the USA. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to come to the United States, do not forget to stop by this destination to explore, enjoy the beautiful scenery and enjoy many fresh seafood dishes.

Things you do not know about the Glen Canyon Dam in the United States

Located in the area of ​​Zion National Park, Glen Canyon Dam has been standing for more than half a century. However, when things changed, it met with opposition from many people and on the momentum of government destruction.

About Glen Canyon Dam

Glen Canyon Dam is a gravity arch dam on the Colorado River, located in Northern Arizona, USA on the Page town. This structure is 220m high, built by the US Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) from 1956 to 1966. As a result, this project has created the artificial lake with the largest capacity in the United States with 27 million acres feet (about 33 km3) called Powell. According to historical records, the dam is named after Glen Canyon with a series of sandstone gorges flooded in the reservoir. Meanwhile, the name of Lake Powell comes from the name John Westey Powell, who is the leader of a boat expedition across the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River.

History of the Glen Canyon Dam

The construction of the Glen Canyon Dam has been under study since 1924. However, the project was canceled and replaced by the construction of the Hoover Dam in Black Canyon. The Hoover Dam was completed in 1936. In the 50s of the last century, with rapid population growth in 7 US states and 2 Mexican states that the Bureau of Reclamation considered the construction of dams as an essential solution.

Besides the benefits that it brings to, the construction of the dam faces many objections. It is feared that the rebuilding will affect the conservation areas in the DinoSaur National Monument. After a long time of research, the US Bureau of Reclamation agreed not to build dams on DinoSaur but instead, the new destination was Glen Canyon.

On April 11, 1956, the US Congress approved a plan to build the Glen Canyon Dam on the Klamath River. The system of the Klamath River is about 659 km long, which is a nursing place of 10,000 – 149,000 Chinook salmons and about 18,000 – 30,000 rainbow salmons. According to many experts, this is the third most important source of fish in the West Coast of America, just behind the Columbia and Sacramento Rivers.

Shortly after President Dwight D. Eisnehower sent a telegram authorizing the commencement of construction, the first rock blast explosion along the zigzag valley was made on October 15, 1956. A large, untouched and peaceful area on the northern border of Arizona became noisy and dusty. The Glen Canyon Dam was completed on September 13, 1963 with the crowded Page town. At first, this place did not have human habitation. The dam construction workers were concentrated in one big camp. Gradually formed a small community. Later the town grew and was recognized as Page Town on March 1, 1975, after the chief engineer John C. Page.

Things you do not know about the Glen Canyon Dam in the United States

The meaning of the Glen Canyon dam

The dam is 220m high and begins to fill water. However, with too much capacity, it took 17 years for Powell Lake to be completely filled for the first time at an altitude of 1200m in 1980. After the project was completed, the Glen Canyon Dam provided significant water storage to the upper states of the Colorado River region of Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico. In particular, during drought, dams will provide water to many downstream states such as California, Nevada and Arizona.

Not only that, this project also provides an important source of hydroelectricity for the entire United States. It provides more than 4 kilowatt cabinets / year, serving the needs of a large segment of the population. In addition, with the winding beauty and poetic nature of Powell Lake, visitors can experience entertainment services such as fishing, windsurfing and admiring the splendid photos of the dam. This is one of the most beautiful lakes in America.

In addition to the many benefits that the Glen Canyon Dam has received, it has received much criticism and opposition from the people for causing negative impacts on wildlife. The dam was condemned for losing large amounts of water by evaporation at Lake Powell. In addition, the location of the dam has greatly affected the ecosystem of the Grand Canyon.

The fish have been barred from moving for nearly a century, leaving many local tribes short of food. The surviving population continues to be reduced in number instead of producing more little fishes due to the rapid growth and explosion of toxic algae. In addition, the slow flow of the river has caused the water to warm, resulting in a variety of diseases that inhibit the growth of fish.

With the continued opposition of environmental activists, the dam will be completely dismantled by 2020. It will release more than 670 km of waterways along with the natural aquatic environment. Researchers have estimated that when the Glen Canyon Dam disappears, the number of fish species will increase by 80% compared to the present. Perhaps this is also the last dam built to big size in the US.

There is a Caribbean paradise in the Puerto Rican Islands of the United States

The Caribbean – where the climate is warm, the sunny beaches can seduce anyone who arrives, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the Caribbean on the Puerto Rican Islands in the US waters!

Although Puerto Rico is located alone in the Greater Antilles, this is a US territory so if you have a US tourist visa you can come here, which means you can use USD money when traveling in here. Although Spanish is the main language on the island, most people speak English excellently. For American tourists, getting to the Puerto Rico Islands is as easy as going to one of the 50 states.

What is special about the Puerto Rico Islands?

Spanish culture and history on American land

Going to the Puerto Rico Islands will give you the feeling of visiting another country. Spanish culture is still strong in Puerto Rico, from the salsa tunes played in bars to Latin cuisine you can find in every restaurant. If you love Latin American culture, this is a great destination for you. Salsa is Puerto Rico’s biggest contribution to famous Latin music. In the 70s, Cuban dance music combined with Puerto Rico plena and bomba to produce salsa music. You will hear salsa everywhere in Puerto Rico – many restaurants have live music at night and there are many live performances on the street.

The Spanish cultural imprint is most evident in Old San Juan and the UNESCO colonial fortress. The fortress has great views of the city and the sea, and you can easily spend hours wandering the colorful streets of Old San Juan.

The Puerto Rico Islands have their very own cuisine

When in Puerto Rico, remember to enjoy classic local foods like alcapurrias, lechón asado, piononos, mofongo and bacalaitos… Many of these delicacies are sold in kiosks on beaches.

If you have time and transportation, you can drive to the mountainous town of Cayey and take the La Ruta del Lechón roadway in Guavate, where you’ll find some restaurants specializing in pork. There are also Ruta del Mojo Isleño (named after a Puerto Rico island sauce of Muslims used in fish dishes), Ruta del Café (coffee) and Ruta de la Longaniza (sausage).

There is a Caribbean paradise in the Puerto Rican Islands of the United States

The famous Colña colada is born here! All of the special rum, coconut and pineapple drinks are created on this island, and it’s Puerto Rico’s national drink – you can find them everywhere. Puerto Rico coffee is one of the best drinks in the world, internationally loved and widely exported for a long time. In today’s Puerto Rican archipelago, there are more than 10,000 coffee farms that produce a great deal of supply and export!

Where to go in Puerto Rico?

Walk through the cobblestone streets in Old San Juan to learn about the history of San Juan that has existed for more than 500 years, and listen to the historical stories here that will appeal to you.

Puerto Rico is not very big, but its landscape is still very diverse. Beaches, rainforests, mountains … are all here. And you can go to these places in about an hour from San Juan.

The Bay of Mosquito in Vieques is one of the few places in the world where you can see the phenomenon of bioluminescent bays – where the water lights up in neon green – at the highest intensity (La Parguera, on the island is an option for you). You can kayak here and see how your boat and oars leave a trail of light as they pass through glowing microorganisms in the water.

Isla de Mona is a nature reserve worth a visit, you can still visit its tranquil beaches and explore the beautiful coral reefs and caves that used to be home to indigenous Taínos. Just make sure to book in advance because only 100 travelers are allowed at a time.

The main adventure to come here is at Toro Verde Adventure Park in Orocovis, located in the heart of the mountainous center of Puerto Rico. There is a magnificent zip slide with beautiful views and this is the longest zip slide in the world of more than 2km.

If you do not like sports and just want to relax, Flamenco beach often appears in the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world that you should visit. The sand is very fine and almost white, turquoise and warm water.

If you love to resort, the resorts are great destinations, the price is quite high but it is worth to experience here 1-2 nights or you can also try many different resorts on your trip.

Finally, getting to the Puerto Rico Islands is easy, especially from the US, there are direct flights from cities along the East Coast and you won’t have to spend the whole day just getting here. San Juan is just over 2 hours from Miami and less than 3.5 hours from New York. A trip to America combined with a visit to this wonderful archipelago will surely be an unforgettable experience!