Getting travel trends in 2020 to explore America by train, why not?

Play your favorite music, relax on soft chairs, and explore the United States on Amtrak’s Southwest Chief train, going from Illinois to Arizona through majestic landscapes and small towns.

If you’ve ever read the book “On the road” by writer Jack Kerouac, you must have dreamed of a distant, modern and wild America with true feelings. Obviously, that book has created a ‘Must go’ movement among American youth for generations. And instead of On the road, we can be On the rail road to explore the roads and nooks of rich, prosperous America.

Since the 1950s, trains or indigenous people often called the great iron horse, had to surrender to compact and handy cars. After a short time, people have a nostalgic interest, want to experience the old but new things, so the trains of Amtrak are crowded with tourists, not only on long trips along the corridor of Northeast America. It even becomes a popular travel trend in 2020, according to CNTravel.

One of the most interesting routes is probably the Southwest Chief. The train to explore America through the moonlit Mississippi River, or the golden ways of corn, like Jack Kerouac told in the book 70 years ago, departing from Illinois to Arizona, bringing the hope to see the majestic Grand Canyon at the last station of every passenger.

The train transfers at 3 pm at Chicago’s Union station, one of the more artistic train stations. The 30-hour journey officially begins through Missouri, Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico before the Southwest Chief arrives in flourishing Los Angeles and stops in Arizona.

The plane only takes about 7 hours and 30 minutes, and the ticket price is only 1/3. If you drive, you will be immersed in the iconic Route 66 highway of America. So why should you travel by train? The two routes above will take away the opportunity to see the Colorado River valley, or see firsthand the craft breweries of Flagstaff. In addition, traveling to the US by train you can feel the comfort and romance, something that the other two vehicles are hard to meet.

Trains exploring the United States often have a variety of room types. And just a basic roomette room, 2 beds with folding tables and air conditioning, power outlet and shower, is enough for any passenger. A little more advanced, there are rooms for 3 people, upper bed is separate from the lower bed. And the most fully furnished room is a family room with 4 separate beds. These rooms are not sumptuous, but quiet and comfortable. A dedicated waiter will prepare the bed and bring food to the room, if the guest wishes.

At night, the train can shake slightly when crossing a curve, or the road is bad, however, you will probably love all the experiences on the road.

Getting travel trends in 2020 to explore America by train, why not?

According to calculations by scientists from the US Department of Energy, if we explore America by train, it will save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And Amtrak also claims it has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 17% since 2010 – thanks to Michael’s high-speed, eco-friendly engines.

When you wake up in the morning, visitors to America will be surprised by the orange sunlight spreading across the snowy forests of Kansas. If you choose a shared room on the train, take a seat on the lower bed, so you can see for yourself the rare and beautiful scenery. From the winter fields, the herds of cattle grazing, and the giraffes, everything is the vivid home furnishings of the house called America.

Guests can fully enjoy coffee from a bartender. The coffee room is designed with high curved windows and seats facing out, allowing sunlight to fill the train. This is the time for you to get acquainted with the passengers on the trip, expand relationships and practice further communication in English. Your companion can be from everywhere, from Asia, England, France to both Amish and Mennonites from far-away Midwestern community.

They will tell you about the great experience. Most people prefer to go by train because it is fast and easy, you just need to give the ticket without having to check-in with airport customs. Breakfast is widely advertised on the speakers and you should find your way to the dining car if you do not know. The surroundings make the simple breakfast of eggs and chips also delicious.

The only drawback is that these trains sometimes have to stop to transport private goods and the weather also affects the route and time. If you are in an urgent job, you will probably be discouraged by the heavy snow, which makes the trains overnight at a roadside station, or worse, right on the tracks. However, if you are leisurely, not too worried about the time, then nothing is more wonderful than the vivid and intuitive scenes that the train offers.

When traveling from New Mexico to Colorado, don’t forget, overlook the doorway. This is the old Santa Fe railway line, built on a mountain pass. Taking the train is connecting, having fun time together, it is different from the isolation in the car, or the isolated coldness of the plane seats. When the train stops at a stop, you can get down to buy some small souvenirs along the way.

Around 9:30 pm, the train will rest in Flagstaff. You can step outside for a walk in the cool, dry air of the Arizona high desert. Visit the Weatherford hotel to enjoy a glass of wine. This hotel is a cultural heritage of the city associated with many legends. Inside, the old furniture and the aroma of wood and whiskey recall its lively history, as well as ghosts that are said to often appear in the hallway and rock the pipes at night.

The next day, about 5 am, the passengers will return to the platform, if you are overnight in Weatherford. Southwest Chief only runs once a day, so if you’re late, you will lose the chance. This train will take you to the final station and end the wonderful journey. The Southwest Chief train in particular and Amtrak in general are gradually showing the old attraction to new people. However, success also comes from assertiveness and upgrades. And the train whistle from the platform, and the happy passengers shaking hands to leave are the greatest gift of the journey. Who knows, maybe we’ll see each other again on the following roads?

Travel to North America to explore the majestic Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls in America is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Located between the border of the United States and Canada, this place is one of the attractive tourist destinations not to be missed.

Things to know about Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is the most famous waterfall in North America with over 10 million visitors each year. Niagara Falls is a combination of 3 adjacent beautiful waterfalls, including Horseshoe Fall on the Canadian side, American Fall in the middle of the US-Canada border and a smaller waterfall is Bridal Veil Fall. This majestic waterfall was discovered in the 17th century thanks to the discovery of Louis Ennepin, who discovered St. Anthony Falls. The name Niagara is derived from “Onguiaahra” in Iroquois meaning “god of thunder” or “roar of water”. They said that the roar of waterfalls is the conversation of the thunder god.

Although it does not possess impressive height, Niagara Falls is very wide. In which Horseshoe waterfall is wider than 790m and American waterfall is 323m wide. Not only that, Niagara also has the largest water reserve in the world with an average water flow through the waterfall every second is 6,740m3. Intense water falling from three large waterfalls has formed a huge lake with a depth of 55m. Coming here, you will be able to see firsthand the vast lake with torrential water pouring down.

The beauty of Niagra waterfall is seasonal

Niagara is one of the most beautiful natural waterfalls in America. In each season of the year, Niagara brings a different magical beauty. Whether you visit the waterfall in any season of the year, it is sure that the majestic scenery and wild charm here will make you fall in love.


The temperature here is quite low, so even in spring, the weather is still quite cold. The best time to visit in spring is between April and early May, when the temperature is warmer and the tourist activities here are starting to reopen. The Niagara Botanical Garden with a rich variety of vegetation will welcome you to explore with free admission. Other travel service activities are also quite affordable because this is the beginning of the season when there are not many tourists, you can enjoy playing without worrying about crowded crowds like summer or autumn.

Travel to North America to explore the majestic Niagara Falls


Summer from late June to early September is the peak tourist time in Niagara. Here, you can have fun on the two-story cruise ship named Maid of the Mist running around Niagara Falls. These ships usually last 30 minutes and start serving from April until the end of October. North of the Horseshoe waterfall is the White Water Walk rapids. This is a small river with the characteristic green water flowing swiftly. You can stand on the riverside bridge and admire the beautiful scenery here. And don’t forget to explore the tunnel maze leading to the observatory just behind the fast-flowing waterfall, feeling like going a secret path through this craggy waterfall.

Here, you can also explore a special referral program called Niagara’s Fury. The program consists of 2 main parts. The first part will take you back to the ice age millions of years ago through a short animated film. This movie will help you understand the formation of falls from an early age. Next you will admire the scenery of a waterfall in a simulated theater, filled with ground effect shakes.


Autumn is the time when Niagra waterfall becomes the most gentle when the trees begin to bloom, creating a romantic picture. In particular, sometimes here appears very beautiful and shimmering rainbows adorning Niagra. Thanks to the beauty of such paradise, at this time, many tourists come to the waterfall to explore, take photos, especially couples in love.

Attractive service activities such as the two-story Maid of the Mist cruise or the White Water Walk rapids are still open at this time. In late autumn is the harvest season of Niagara vineyards. You definitely should not miss the sweet grapes with dozens of wineries located around the Niagara Falls and Twenty valleys.


Winter in Niagara is heavy snowfall and everything is frozen. So why should we travel to Niagara Falls in the winter? That is because in the winter, the water at the waterfall has completely frozen creating a very majestic and unique scenery. Especially from November to January every year, there is also a very shimmering and magical winter light festival with top lighting performances. In addition, experiencing the feeling of skating or walking on the frozen lake is also extremely interesting and safe. Because the peak tourist season has ended, you can save quite a bit of room rental.

Travel to the USA in winter, snow covers Yellowstone

American tourists often come to the national parks, because this is the convergence of scenery and quintessence of an entire state. And when winter covers the white cloak in America, no garden is more beautiful than Yellowstone.

In winter, Yellowstone National Park, USA located in the western states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho is in the cold, creating a beautiful scenery like in the Grimm fairy tales. American tourists from all over the world must know this is the oldest national park in the world, established in the 1872s. Most Yellowstone National Park is located in the east of the state of Wyoming.

Visitors can move here in two directions. Heading south through State Highway 191/287 from May to early November, and is open to snowmobiles from December 15 to March 15 each year. Heading east via State Highway 20/14/16, also from May to November, and for snow-purpose vehicles from December 22 to March 1 each year. Opening schedules may vary depending on weather conditions.

Winter in Yellowstone is truly a unique and fascinating experience. Most of the roads in the park are submerged in a pure white color of the snow, the park becomes a number one destination for skiing on the slopes of all difficulty levels. In addition, on the journey around the park, American tourists can admire the sight of bison crossing the snow or simply quietly watchthe tranquility and majesty of the surrounding space. The fare for a trip including an entrance ticket will be over 2600$.

White wolves are known as the stars of YellowStone by American tourists in the winter. The tour takes you to glide over a ridge, from which zooms out views across the Lamar valley below. The wolves suddenly appeared passing by, their beautiful beauty made many cameras have the opportunity to operate at full capacity. Your guide on the bus is a biologist, an environmentalist and an expert on the animals in the park, they will give you a detailed guide on the practice and operating environment of all species of animals appearing, not just wolves.

Travel to the USA in winter, snow covers Yellowstone

After 70 years of operation, it was not until 1995 that wolves were transferred into Yellowstone National Park. More than four million visitors come here every year looking forward to seeing the white wolf, when the bears have hibernated, leaving the vast space to the wolves.

Tourists often start in Bozeman, Montana, a small town characterized by the far west. American tourists often eager to checkin in this area, before officially entering the wilderness, where the snow and animals reign.

America’s travel itinerary is even more impressive when you see the Mammoth hot spring, just south of the North Entrance. Here, you’ll wander around the snowy corridors, a stone staircase that leads down to bubbling geothermal lakes right on the mountainside. The road is 3km long, and you will see a warm lake, between the cold air.

Larma Valley, the highlight of American tourism in general and Yellowstone National Park in particular, does not only have white wolves. The next day’s journey will take you to true wild nature. You will have the opportunity to watch the elk wandering in the middle of the white snow, or the huge herds of bison being covered by snow and ice.

This season the colorful birds of Yellowstone have migrated to the warm south, in the lonely winter space, there are only gloomy black crows or lonely bald eagles on the silver ferns. In just a moment, the eagle spreads its wings soaring up to the cloudy white sky, lands quickly on a frozen eye, cleverly catches a fish under the ice.

When you see a herd of antelope, if you do not want to take photos, then listen to the guide’s share. Not a cow-head antelope, instead, it’s a distant relative of this animal with better cold tolerance than its cousins. In North America, there is no antelope and this animal has a gene close to … giraffe, called Big Horn Sheep. Admire these strange animals before you realize that biology is full of irony situations.

When winter comes, American tourism has more skiing activities that attract a lot of tourists. Not a small indoor ski area, Yellowstone has mountain slopes, hillsides, wonderful terrains for visitors who are passionate about mingling in white snow and winter winds. If you don’t like to skateboard, there are even snowmobiles, Yellowstone’s sleighs with giant dedicated wheels. Visitors will be able to get a close-up look at the life and animals here.

According to guides and indigenous people, the winter in Yellowstone National Park is really harsh, but this is the most beautiful season of the year and above all you can mingle with the wildlife of nature. The tour guide also leads tourists to a huge crater that erupted 640,000 years ago, and will probably erupt again at a future date. Instead of volcanoes, the groundwater here also occasionally erupts.

In addition, an attraction not to be missed in Yellowstone for American tourists is Glorypool. Glorypool is one of the most beautiful boiling lakes in Yellowstone. You just need to go along the Firehole River to cross the icicles created by previous eruptions with many strange shapes. If you’re lucky, you can hear the roar from the bottom of the lake as a reminder of its robustness.

To the United States, visit the Fisherman’s Wharf San Fransico

San Francisco Fishman’s Wharf is one of the city’s attractions. Here converges cultural activities, typical festivals of the people in the sea.

Some features of San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf

Those who have come and understand a lot about America will not be hard to know the name of San Francisco Fishman’s Wharf – one of the top destinations of the city. It is home to the majority of immigrants from Italy. Although the harbor has evolved into a popular San Francisco tourist destination for many years, there is still an image of fishermen operating with their fleets.

Visit San Francisco Fishman’s Wharf, but not only that, there are still many attractive tourist destinations for you to explore and experience. Fisherman’s Wharf extends from Ghirardelli Square to Pier 35, Kearny Street. It is the convergence of 39 harbors, the National Maritime History park and many modern shopping centers and high-end entertainment, …. This is also a place for you to enjoy the talents of street artists and witness the unique cultural festivals or take a scenic walk, learning about the lives of the fishermen.

What is attractive in Fisherman’s Wharf?

As introduced above, visiting San Francisco Fishman’s Wharf  will give you the opportunity to experience many destinations.

Explore Pier 39

Pier 39 is a commercial center and one of San Francisco’s landmarks not to be missed when you arrive in Fisherman’s Wharf. You will see many restaurants, eateries, pubs and many exciting entertainment facilities. In particular, this is also a venue for artists to perform, there are many shops selling souvenirs, a 3D theater showing 3D movies, and many shops of cake, wine, jewelry and clothing. In addition, you can also see the lovely sea lions lying in the sun or playing with each other.

An interesting thing when stopping here is that you can stand to watch the crowded, bustling boats moving back and forth, watch the splendid city view of the massive Golden Gate Bridge, two islands of Angel and Alcatraz with famous prison, Bay bridge, …

To the United States, visit the Fisherman’s Wharf San Fransico

Visit Ghirardelli Square

This is a special project to revitalize the nearby abandoned factory complex. Ghirardelli Square is surrounded by shops, galleries, high-rise buildings, with a unique square design. There was also an old brick-red chocolate factory, which has become a shopping mall, art gallery, amusement park and restaurant. Coming here, in addition to being discovered, you can also enjoy food and relaxation.

Learn the National Maritime History Museum

This is a destination in the US that attracts a lot of tourists to visit. The museum houses a variety of ship models, maritime artifacts and thousands of local artifacts, photographs, papers and costumes. In addition, there are paintings, sculptures of artists and a huge collection of scale boats modeled for visitors to explore.

Journey to the Alcatraz Prison

Alcatraz has long been famous as one of the most rigorous famous prisons in the United States and is also a tourist destination that inspires many works of art, comics and movies. Alcatraz Prison is surrounded by four sides of immense sea, currently opened to become an offshore resort. This place still contains so many traces, tragedies and mysteries of the past that when visiting in addition to excitement, you will also be hair-raising.

Visit San Francisco Bay aquarium

Surely this is a stop not to be missed. Aquarium – a place where hundreds of types of marine creatures converge, giving visitors the feeling of being immersed in the vast ocean. You will stray into it and admire the colorful sea creatures – an enchanting world with a rich world of animals and plants. In addition, you can also participate in diving courses.

Visit souvenir shops

In Fishman’s Wharf, there are many shopping places, so if you do not know what to buy when traveling to San Francisco, do not forget to come here to choose a few items! You can choose to buy high-end clothes and bags or t-shirts, Ghirardelli chocolate, fashion accessories such as glasses, earrings…

Enjoy seafood dishes

Besides the beauty of the charming scenery, Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco is also an attraction for diners who want to enjoy fresh seafood. Here converges many restaurants along the roadside. You can choose any restaurant to order dishes such as clam soup, grilled shrimp, oysters, king crab, steamed crab, fried fish, sourdough bagels, seafood cocktails, … and feel the sea breeze, sea ​​taste.

It can be said that San Francisco Fishman’s Wharf  has always been the most favorite and nostalgic destination for visitors to the USA. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to come to the United States, do not forget to stop by this destination to explore, enjoy the beautiful scenery and enjoy many fresh seafood dishes.

Palm Springs Desert City – the wonderful harmony of nature

Referring to the United States, people often think of sumptuous and flashy beauty, but the desert city of Palm Springs seems to be the exception when blending the beauty of modernity in harmony with the natural scenery. Therefore, this city receives a lot of love from tourists who want to explore new lands. Let’s go to Palm Springs now to find out!

Learn about the desert city of Palm Springs

Palm Springs is an interesting city located in the vast Coachella Valley, Califonia, a state of the United States. In recent years Palm Springs has become more and more popular with travelers. Why is that?

Although this city is often mentioned with sand dunes and large deserts, it is not as dry and harsh as other desert cities in the world. Instead, the city is regarded as a resort paradise with luxurious, high-class resorts.

The sunshine in the desert city of Palm Springs does not cause any discomfort to visitors. Because the nature here is quite harmonious, the sand dunes interweave the unique tree ranges. The landscape here is really majestic with the high, stretching rocky mountains.

In addition, this city has a lot of artificial swimming pools, the vegetation is well developed, so the weather is also cooler. The average temperature here is only about 25 degrees Celsius, dry and little rain. This is an extremely ideal temperature for travel and relaxation.

Paradise vacation in the desert city of Palm Springs

The desert city of Palm Springs is better known as a favorite headquarters of the the rich, celebrities and superstars. The main beauty is still wild and lyrical, majestic scenery has kept visitors coming to this place often.

If you come to Palm Springs, you can enjoy a variety of attractive services such as walking into the desert, exploring the mountains, horse riding, shooting arrows around the San Jacinto area on the east side of the city center. You can also use the cable car to enjoy the magnificent beauty of Mountain Station. Then a whole valley is vast in your eyes. If you’ve ever visited the Monument Valley, surely this place is also an attractive destination for you.

Palm Springs Desert City – the wonderful harmony of nature

One of the most expensive pleasures of the desert city of Palm Springs is a trip to the top golf courses. In the middle of a land full of golden sand dunes, creating an artificial golf course is truly a work of architects. And of course you should once try to feel this special service.

The city’s resorts are also a true vacation, the combination of nature and architecture does not make this city noisy. The city is still beautiful, the magical beauty of enjoyment. Inside the resort, there are all kinds of services for you to choose such as sports ground, swimming pool, golf course, restaurant.

Belonging to the famous resort in the city, there is the Golf Cathedral Canyon Country Club combined with the 27-hole golf course. This is the most favorite destination for tourists and you should immediately add it to your travel list.

The desert city of Palm Springs has a lot of famous dishes, stimulating your taste. The restaurants are located in the nature so that you can both enjoy delicious food and admire the beautiful colors from the outer space.

Especially, when traveling to Palm Springs, there are also many street food stalls and traditional fairs. You should visit these places on Thursday because the Palm Canyon Drive Central Boulevard will ban all vehicles every Thursday. So if you want to explore the streets, this is the best time.

Palm Springs also has many large shopping centers such as Bellatrix Restaurant, La Palma Restaurant, Adobe Grill, …. You can walk around these shopping malls to see the traditional and new costumes including the latest trends in the world.

Travel information to know before coming to Palm Springs desert city

Indeed, the desert city of Palm Springs is beautiful in all the time of the year. Scenery is romantic, lyrical in the spring. The summer sun shines brightly, shining on the vast golden sand dunes. Winter snow covers like a fairy picture. Whatever time you come to the city, you will have a lot of interesting experiences.

However, if you want to enjoy a trip with pleasant and cool weather, January to May will be the best time. At this time, the weather is quite mild, suitable for all exploration.

Another question is which hotel should you choose to get the best experience and service that is suitable for the price. The answer is that you should choose one of the following hotels: The Saguaro, Little Paradise, Del Marcos, Arrive, The Monkey Tree, La Maison.

These are all highly rated hotels in the desert city of Palm Springs and receive extremely positive feedback from visitors. These hotel owners seem to be psychologists who know how to conquer the hearts of each customer and they certainly won’t make you complain anything.

Magnificent beauty of Monument valley

With the natural beauty bestowed by nature, the American valleys always bring visitors the curiosity. Monument Valley is one of such great valleys. This valley has one of the most fascinating charms of the planet.

Around the Monument valley

Monument Valley is located on the Colorado Plateau of the United States. Location of the valley is adjacent to the two states of Utah and Arizona. Currently the valley belongs to the autonomous government of Navajo.

This valley is characterized by huge groups of alluvial soil. In the middle of a large plateau, there are consecutive mountains that rise above. It is estimated that such an average mountain is about 300 meters high. All rocky mountains are orange in color, the road to the mountain is quite zigzag, even straight without a path up.

It will be great if you take the time to explore the typical orange-colored stone steps scattered throughout the valley. Because there are many rocky mountains with different shapes and that difference creates a magnificent scenery that attracts you at first sight.

There are many different entertainment services for you to enjoy the brilliant beauty of the rocky mountains, the most typical of which is climbing activities, here locals also call it the journey to conquer giant walls. This challenge will be more impressive if you complete the journey and set foot on the highest rocky peak. It is where you will fully admire the breathtaking beauty of Monument Valley.

In addition, you should enjoy the magic from this valley by many other activities. You can tour the valley by taking a terrain vehicle tour. It may take you a whole day, but in return you can see all the utopian things that exist in the valley.

Many visitors also want to feel the different beauty of the valley at sunrise and sunset by camping overnight and burning fire together to create moments of fun. Around the valley, there are many local restaurants that bring a special flavor.

Monument Valley – great for Hollywood cinematic scenes

If you are a big fan of American cinema, then you have certainly seen the beauty of this valley many times. Monument Valley is located deep in majestic rocky hills, hidden behind the national highways of the southern United States.

Magnificent beauty of Monument valley

This land is so quiet. Nature was endowed with majestic and magnificent landscapes. It can be said that this is one of the most beautiful valleys that is hard to find anywhere in the world. The valley stretches with endless red soil, when the sun shines down.

If you are standing in the middle of a valley, you may be overwhelmed, you will feel like you are lost in a completely strange world. In addition to the red sand dunes, there are scattered trees, small streams murmuring through. And what is more wonderful than when you are immersed in such natural surroundings.

Because of its rare beauty, natural and wild setting, Monument Valley is a favorite filming location for scenes from directors and filmmakers. This valley has appeared in hundreds of famous television works, each year is set up and put on the small screen of Hollywood.

The footage relating to the monument at Monument always appears monumentally. There is also an additional attraction for both filmmakers and tourists in the valley is a tribe of Indians living here. They themselves make a difference because traditional cultures are not like modern society.

Do you feel curious about the amazing beauty of this valley? How did that beauty invade the famous movie capital, Hollywood? Why is it so perfect with every guest? You definitely have to set foot here to discover it with your own eyes.

Monument Valley travel experience

In different seasons, the landscape of the valley also changes differently. However, the color of orange still exists in every season. If you choose summer as a time to travel, that is from May to August, visitors will experience the vibrant colors from the sun spreading across a valley. That creates rays of light, reflectswith the rocks, even with many shimmering, vivid colors.

In the winter, the Monument Valley wears a pure white coat. At this time due to the cold weather, snow covers everywhere, from rocky mountains to the plateau are present colors like Antarctica. However, climbing in this season is also quite good and visitors can experience the cold, romantic cold like in the movies.

Valleys that welcome the largest number of visitors are usually from January to the end of April. This is a typical period of spring so the weather is extremely cool and pleasant. Coming to the valley at this time, visitors have many activities such as horse riding, camping … or interacting with the Indian tribes.

Disneyland – the world’s leading theme park

Disneyland is one of the largest family amusement parks in the world. First established in 1955 in California, today there are 11 Disneyland parks around the world and attract millions of tourists every year.

Concept of Disneyland California Amusement Park

The first Disneyland amusement park was born on July 17, 1955 in the city of Anaheim, California, USA. The park is a large entertainment complex with an area of ​​up to 34.4 hectares by the talented businessman Walt Disney. This is the beginning of the era of family parks, creating a breakthrough in the integrated entertainment industry. Since then 5 more Disneyland have been created, attracting about 13.3 million visitors each year.

The idea of ​​building the Disneyland family park was thought of by Walt Disney when he watched his girls play around on a wooden horse on a weekend Sunday. From there, he came up with the idea of ​​building an entertainment complex where both adults and children can play together, contributing to increasing family affection. The design concept of the park was based on his famous animated films. However, no one believed in the feasibility of the project and even Disneyland was the most ridiculous idea at the time. Only a very few investors realized the potential of this park and decided to invest with him.

But with his philosophy: “If you can dream of something, you can do it”, Walt Disney is still determined to make his idea a reality. He used his own insurance money and founded the WED Society to raise about $ 17 million to start the historic project. After just over a year of construction, Disneyland was officially opened with a festival of up to 11,000 attendees.

Then, as you all know, Disneyland Park in California is increasingly successful and become one of the best family entertainment spots in the world. Over the past 60 years, Disneyland has grown at a rapid pace with 11 Disney World theme parks built around the world. The number of tourists coming here is more than 2 billion, leading the ranking of the most crowded amusement parks in the world.

Entertain at Disneyland California Amusement Park

And of course, when it comes to Disneyland, we cannot help but mention the top amusement parks in the world. It is a large park divided into eight themed areas including a variety of interesting amusement games that will attract anyone to visit.

Main Street

This is the first area to appear on a trip to explore Disneyland. Main Street really impresses visitors with the ancient architecture with bold characteristics of American culture such as the square town, train station, city hall, cinema, commercial center, double decker bus, electric coach …

New Orleans Square

New Orleans Square is one of the oldest areas in the area. Opened on July 24, 1966, this square was built in the standard pattern of the original in the 19th century. It has interesting attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion, the rooms of the night. , …

Critter Country

Critter Country, also known as Bear Country. This is an area built to simulate the forests of the Northwest Pacific, including a complex of restaurants and entertainment areas such as the Mile Long Bar, Swingin ‘Arcade Teddi Barra Golden Bear Lodge and Explorer Cano Davy Crockett.

Disneyland – the world’s leading theme park

Toontown Mickey

Toontown Mickey opened its doors in 1993 based on houses in movies from famous cartoon characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Goofy dog ​​or Donald duck. These houses have the same bright and unique colors as the movies.


Coming to Adventureland, you will discover remote forests in Africa, Asia, South America and the South Pacific. Some destinations not to be missed are Jungle Cruise, Indiana Jones or Tarzan’s tree house.


This is an area that impresses with the wilderness of the western United States with wooden pubs, typical red mountains and genuine cowboys.


You must have heard the story of little Peter Pan, right? Fantasyland is a great place for children with fairy tales about the flights of Peter Pan. In addition, there are also famous attractions such as Sleeping Beauty Castle. Although Fantasyland was closed in 1992 for security reasons, it was finally reopened in 2008 to serve visitors.


This is a real amusement park with interesting games such as Star Wars Launch Bay, Space Mountain, Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple, Astro Orbitor, Disneyland Monorail, … This is an attractive destination for both adults and children thanks to the games here.

If you already feel tired and hungry after the discoveries, go to Pacific Wharf. Great Italian food and wine parties are waiting for you to enjoy.

The endless beauty of the Napa valley

America is the paradise of the planet’s most wonderful valleys. The beauty of these valleys captivates many tourists around the world, and one of the most mentioned places in America is the Napa Valley.

The beauty of the Napa valley

Once voted the best tourist destination in the world for wine and food in 2010, the Napa valley is always the first choice for peaceful relaxation and the desire for sophistication. Every year according to California statistics, about 4.5 million people travel here and explore the different beauty of the valley.

The valley was formed in 1874 and is only 76 km from the center of San Francisco town. The population of Napa is 79,000. As one of the famous tourist areas, around the valley there are many other attractive attractions, prestigious universities. The transportation system is also extremely convenient for movement.

To visit the entire valley, visitors can take days, because just a little miss of the beautiful scenery here can cause regret. It is possible to visit quite a lot of impressive tourist destinations located in this valley.

  • The train system that connects the states of the valley is very comfortable.
  • The vineyard area creates the world famous Napa Valley wine.
  • San Francisco’s vast zoo with many rare and wild animals, is a great place to explore the natural world.
  • The city theater is a place to preserve the traditional features of the local 7th Art form.
  • The art street is located in the city center with many interesting recreational activities.
  • Lush Skyline Park with soft grass and many old trees.
  • Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley are famous educational centers in the state.
  • Journey to the Alcatraz floating island will bring special feeling from many different beauty.

Wine culture in the Napa Valley 

Currently Napa Valley is located in the US state of California, this is a fertile land, is the home of the most famous wine bottles in the world. However, much of the valley’s grape growing area is small, though the sweetest grape varieties converge here.

The climate in the valley is extremely harmonious, is a good land with green grape varieties. But according to statistics from the states, Napa grape growing area is only a small part compared to Bordeaux in France. So what makes this place so famous for wine?

The endless beauty of the Napa valley

In 1976 in a wine competition around the world, the bottle of Napa Valley of America won a spectacular victory against the wine power at that time, France. This huge explosion has rocked the world of wine enthusiasts all over the world.

They began to be curious, search and verify the quality of this fine wine. Since then, Napa has never let us down, all wines made from here are sophisticated and classy.

Although the vineyard area in the Napa valley is not much and each year it produces only a small amount of wine compared to the state, the wine here is extremely expensive, often not exported, it has been consumed in the domestic market. Therefore, if you want to enjoy Napa Valley wine, you will not have to spend a lot of money.

  1. Journey to the Napa valley

If you know how to save on accommodation costs, you will reduce a lot of expenses to put effort into enjoying the tourist destinations in Napa. Usually the average room price in Napa ranges from 150-200 USD / day. If you’re lucky enough to find a cheaper room, it only costs about US $ 100.

You can cut down these unnecessary costs by traveling in groups and sharing a room, you will save a considerable amount of money. By visiting community sites like Couchsurfing to talk, exchange and share you not only have more good friends, but you can also find good accommodation when coming to the Napa valley. However, to do this, please register as soon as possible.

The terrain structure in the valley is quite complex, so you should move to tourist destinations by public transport or rent a private car. Self-driving car can give you a valuable experience, but you are more likely to get lost or have unsafe problems.

The cost of renting a bicycle in the valley is about 40 USD / day, and a private tour in groups is 100 USD. There is a whole team of friendly tour guides, serving you enthusiastically, taking you everywhere in the valley, but the price is often expensive. The cost of such a tour is 120 USD / hour.

If you’ve set foot in the Napa valley, then you must definitely enjoy the masterpiece of wine here. The cost of such a wine test is about 20 USD, of course, with precious wines, the amount must be spent more. In addition, you can also buy a card to try all kinds of wine in wine shops for $ 30.

Decode the ‘Joker Staircase’ and all the HOT locations in Joker (2019)

Since the hit Joker film was released, in New York has emerged a very special tourist destination. That’s the soaring “Joker Staircase” in the Bronx district, where the Joker character jumped on the background of Rock and Roll 2.

Joker Staircase – “hot” destination of New York

2019 is the year of Marvel villains. From Loki, Thanos or Killmonger, all are built in the pattern of cruelty but serve the lofty ideal. Thanos turned half of humanity into dust, accepting his daughter’s sacrifice to save humanity from extinction. Killmonger wants to take the throne and change Wakanda’s policy to play a more active role in helping their brothers and sisters around the world than hiding himself. The audience is fascinated by the pain and humanity in each story. It can be called these characters “deep villains” rather than the image of the bad guys with trivial crimes.

But right away, Warner Bros studio created the Joker masterpiece and redefined the world about “villain”. Not focusing too much on violence but going into character analysis, Joker shows a pure madness, creating an irresistible charisma without carrying any moral message. Out of all the villains, Joker is really the most attractive villain of all time.

Blockbuster Joker which was made by the hands of director Todd Phillips has created a fever since the premiere. The film broke the record for the biggest opening week in October in film history, with a turnover of $ 96.2 million and a worldwide gross of $ 737.5 million, ranked 10th from the beginning of the year. In the film, the scene where actor Joaquin Phoenix plays the prominent Joker with the clown face and green-dyed hair dancing on every step has impressed the audience. New York City is famous for attractive destinations such as the Statue of Liberty or Times Square, from here, New York has a new tourist destination. Those are the anonymous stairs that suddenly become extremely hot tourist destinations attracting hundreds of visitors.

Decode the ‘Joker Staircase’ and all the HOT locations in Joker (2019)

The staircase is located on West 167th Street in the southern Bronx district, connecting Shakespeare Boulevard and Anderson Boulevard. For a long time, this place was famous as the area of ​​dangerous criminal gangs. Perhaps that is why director Todd Phillips has chosen this place as the backdrop for the chaotic Arkham city.

Because of the complicated security situation, very few tourists come here. Some of the most popular places to visit when visiting New York City are the Bronx Zoo, the New York Botanical Garden, and the historic New York Yankees baseball factory. But since the Joker movie was released in early October, the Joker staircase has become more and more popular. Many New Yorkers and tourists from around the world have come here to take photos and imitate the dance in the movie.

Other destinations besides the Joker stairs

Many beautiful scenes in the movie have also been found in real life. Let us also explore these locations.

The outside view of Arkham City Mental Hospital is in fact a Brooklyn military building. The entire inside scene may have been filmed at Metropolitan Hospital in East Harlem (the same location where the New Amsterdam series was filmed).

Scenes of Arthur Fleck as a clown performing in Market St in Newark, near the old Paramount Theater. This place still retains the ancient features of old New York.

The scene in the photo was filmed in front of the beautiful Loew’s Jersey Theater at 54 Plaza Square in Jersey City. This cinema was established in 1929 and was restored in 1996.

The scene where Joker fled two police officers was filmed at several subway stations, including 18th Avenue Station (IND Culver Line, Brooklyn), Bedford Park Boulevard Station (Bronx), and 9th Avenue subway station.

The Donut Bakery is located at 3396 Jerome Ave. After a persecution, Joker was hit by a car under a subway line on Jerome Ave & Macombs Rd in The Bronx.

Scenes of these murals were filmed at part of Boulevard 12 in Manhattanville, between 133 and 134 streets.