The thousand-year-old trees in the Muir Woods National Monument

America has many immense forests that are full of mystical beauty, conquering the curiosity of millions of visitors around the world. San Francisco Muir Forest is one of the famous primeval forests and attracts tourists like that. The beauty of this mysterious forest has never disappointed its discoverers.

Little-known things about Muir Woods National Monument

The San Francisco Muir Forest is a complex of millions of precious trees that are hundreds of years old, even thousands of years old and carries an extremely diverse ecosystem. This forest is about 225 hectares wide and located about 40 km from the city center.

The forest had previously faced the risk of serious encroachment due to deforestation for land to build dams but fortunately the forest was saved in time thanks to the help of Congressman Wiliam Kent. He bought the entire forestland and presented it to the government, resolutely demanding protection of this beautiful primeval forest.

Shortly thereafter in 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt decreed to recognize the forest as an important part of the nation, a majestic natural monument that needs to be cared for and protected. At that time, the forest was named for scientist John Muir because of his great contribution to the discovery, research and construction of the entire national biological park system in the San Francisco Muir forest.

Today, this forest is an important asset and a destination not to be missed when traveling to the United States. The values ​​that this forest brings to scientific works are immeasurable. The ancient trees here are hundreds of years old, even some trees are over 1200 years old. It can be said that the existence of this primeval forest system has proved the extraordinary strength of human beings towards the evolution of thousands of years of history and this is the most representative representative witnessing a period of brilliant development in human history.

The thousand-year-old trees in the Muir Woods National Monument

What should you do when you go to Muir Woods National Monument?

The most interesting experience in a large forest that has many things to explore like this, of course, you should walk along the forest to explore every detail, answer the curious issues that you are interested in. Certainly here you will enjoy the space and beautiful beauty from this natural paradise.

In the Muir San Francisco forest, deep, long paths were designed. So you do not need to worry when you are inherently not an experienced person walking in the immense forests. Along the way exploring the forest, you will see floating rock mounds around and the sound of forest birds. It must be a sense of indescribable simplicity, a strange clarity from the world of nature.

Inside the forest, the animal world is also extremely friendly. Of course you should bring a phone or a camera to capture some interesting moments about the life of the natural world. Check-in is also one of the favorite pleasures of many visitors, they spend most of their time enjoying the photos and videos themselves discovered. So you should experience a little bit of this feeling too!

“The Wishes” is one of the most prominent activities on this adventure and most tourists would like to be done when they arrive at Muir San Francisco forest. That’s how you find the oldest tree in the forest and pray. The tree is located deep inside the forest so you have to persevere along the long way, but if you can see the beauty of this tree, you will have to admire it.

Right here, say your wish, the tree will witness and according to the spirituality of the local people, it is the belief. Who knows, your sincerity and effort will help your wishes to be fulfilled in the nearest future.

Things to note when visiting Muir Woods National Monument

The forest becomes extremely crowded on weekends or public holidays, especially in the summer. This is the most beautiful season that makes the whole forest filled with lush green scenery, weaving through sunlight through every leaf. The weather at this time is also extremely favorable for excursions, playing and discovering the interesting things from this rare ecosystem.

However, if you choose to explore the Muir San Francisco forest, start your journey early in the morning on weekdays. You know, the awakening of nature in the early morning always contains many interesting things and also helps your spirit pristine and refreshing. In addition, if you visit on the days of the week, you will avoid having to encounter too many other people, affecting your own visit.

The national park is open all day of the week so you don’t need to worry about the limited time. However, because the weather in the forest is often humid, the temperature drops much compared to outside, so please wear a thin coat!

In addition, tourists are not allowed to eat and drink many things in the park because it can affect the whole ecosystem and animal world. You should prepare a good stomach before starting the journey and comply with the regulations of the forest.

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