Visit Portland – discover the charming beauty of the land of roses

If you want to explore the peaceful beauty of America, Portland tourism – a romantic land dubbed “the city of roses” is a great suggestion you should not miss.

Portland is the largest city in the state of Oregon, USA and the third largest after Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia in the Pacific Northwest. The city was founded in 1851, covering an area of ​​375 km2 with a population of about 600,000 people. During the 19th century, due to owning the main seaport of the entire Pacific Northwest, after just over 150 years of establishment, Portland became the 30th largest city of the United States.

Traveling to Portland, you are not only fascinated by the beauty of modern, elegance, peaceful and poetic architecture of small bridges, but also attractive by the arrogant beauty of the roses here. At the beginning of the 20th century, Portland has built a splendid rose garden with a variety of brilliant genres. That’s why Portland is also known as the ‘rose city’.

The affectionate name of “rose city” first appeared in 1888. By 1905 it became more and more popular after the 100th anniversary of the expedition of Lewis and Clark (American first land expedition to the Pacific coast). During this celebration, Mayor Harry Lane offered to organize a Portland rose festival and has now become the official festival that many people expect in this beautiful city.

Located in a fertile valley, with a mild, cool climate, Portland is an ideal land for growing flowers, especially roses. From parks, amusement parks, museums, houses to cemeteries, … very street, every corner of the city of Portland has the presence of flowers symbolizing love and beauty.

In addition to the beauty of roses, Portland is full of flowers all year round. May is dreaming and beautiful with Tulip Festival, June is bright with Rose Festival, July is gentle with lavender, etc. In winter, the whole city is covered with white snow.

If you want to explore the peaceful beauty of America, Portland tourism is a great suggestion you should not miss. Especially when visiting this country, you will have the opportunity to admire the International Rose Experiment Garden with more than 8,000 species of roses.

In June, roses will bloom and be the most brilliant. This is also the time for the rose festival to take place. So hurry up and catch an American tour to the city of Portland this season to see firsthand the colorful roses blooming, sniffing the aromatic seductive charm that fascinates people.

Visit Portland – discover the charming beauty of the land of roses

The most beautiful parks in Portland

Mount Tabor Park

Located on a volcano in the middle of Portland, Tabor city park is an ideal stop for you to explore the beautiful nature. The name of the park is named after the volcano here.

Coming here, visitors not only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, airy space but also participate in exciting picnic activities. Because beside the 190.82-acre campus, the park also has a full range of amusement parks, outdoor dining, tennis courts, basketball, volleyball, … This is the ideal place to stop by for families, teams, and friends to gather on every weekend.

Washington Park

A “rose city” tour will not be complete if you skip the Washington city park. Washington Park was originally a wilderness area planned in 1871.

Interesting attractions here promise to bring many fascinating things like the famous Rose Test Garden with more than 10,000 colorful roses. And remember not to miss the opportunity to admire the 5.5-acre Japanese garden with the full landscape of the land of cherry blossoms such as pond, tea room, rocky sand garden, cherry trees, etc. , you can also visit the Portland Children’s Museum and Hoyt Arboretum, museums, …

The world’s smallest park – Mill Ends

If you are a fan of photography, hurry to visit Mill Ends Park. Here you can capture great moments in downtown Portland. Mill End Park has a diameter of nearly 61cm, as small as a lovely flower pot. Recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest park in the world.

In the past, it was just a pit for a lamppost. When the pillar fell, grass began to grow around. Dick Fangan, a journalist from the Oregon Journal decided to plant flowers and plants himself and named it Mill Ends. In 1976, it was recognized as an official city park.

Macleay Park

Another interesting stop when you travel to America to explore the beauty of Portland is Macleay Park. There are unique public trails and public facilities for you to admire while walking through the forest. Temporarily away from the bustling life in the city, Macleay Park is an ideal destination for you to enjoy the fresh, relaxing atmosphere in the green forest.

Tanner Springs Park

Tanner Springs Park is like an oasis in the heart of the city. The park has an area of ​​1ha, was built in 2010. The three sides of the park are submerged in water with steps arranged so that visitors can walk and sit, enjoy the view. A part of the park is designed with a gravel rising path that leads through wetlands and grass planting, creating a mysterious, wild space.

In particular, the eastern part of the park has an impressive seat design based on the fascinating installation art of connecting Tanner Springs with Jamison Square. With these unique features, Tanner Springs Park is one of Portland’s most peaceful places you should visit.

Travel to the USA in winter, snow covers Yellowstone

American tourists often come to the national parks, because this is the convergence of scenery and quintessence of an entire state. And when winter covers the white cloak in America, no garden is more beautiful than Yellowstone.

In winter, Yellowstone National Park, USA located in the western states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho is in the cold, creating a beautiful scenery like in the Grimm fairy tales. American tourists from all over the world must know this is the oldest national park in the world, established in the 1872s. Most Yellowstone National Park is located in the east of the state of Wyoming.

Visitors can move here in two directions. Heading south through State Highway 191/287 from May to early November, and is open to snowmobiles from December 15 to March 15 each year. Heading east via State Highway 20/14/16, also from May to November, and for snow-purpose vehicles from December 22 to March 1 each year. Opening schedules may vary depending on weather conditions.

Winter in Yellowstone is truly a unique and fascinating experience. Most of the roads in the park are submerged in a pure white color of the snow, the park becomes a number one destination for skiing on the slopes of all difficulty levels. In addition, on the journey around the park, American tourists can admire the sight of bison crossing the snow or simply quietly watchthe tranquility and majesty of the surrounding space. The fare for a trip including an entrance ticket will be over 2600$.

White wolves are known as the stars of YellowStone by American tourists in the winter. The tour takes you to glide over a ridge, from which zooms out views across the Lamar valley below. The wolves suddenly appeared passing by, their beautiful beauty made many cameras have the opportunity to operate at full capacity. Your guide on the bus is a biologist, an environmentalist and an expert on the animals in the park, they will give you a detailed guide on the practice and operating environment of all species of animals appearing, not just wolves.

Travel to the USA in winter, snow covers Yellowstone

After 70 years of operation, it was not until 1995 that wolves were transferred into Yellowstone National Park. More than four million visitors come here every year looking forward to seeing the white wolf, when the bears have hibernated, leaving the vast space to the wolves.

Tourists often start in Bozeman, Montana, a small town characterized by the far west. American tourists often eager to checkin in this area, before officially entering the wilderness, where the snow and animals reign.

America’s travel itinerary is even more impressive when you see the Mammoth hot spring, just south of the North Entrance. Here, you’ll wander around the snowy corridors, a stone staircase that leads down to bubbling geothermal lakes right on the mountainside. The road is 3km long, and you will see a warm lake, between the cold air.

Larma Valley, the highlight of American tourism in general and Yellowstone National Park in particular, does not only have white wolves. The next day’s journey will take you to true wild nature. You will have the opportunity to watch the elk wandering in the middle of the white snow, or the huge herds of bison being covered by snow and ice.

This season the colorful birds of Yellowstone have migrated to the warm south, in the lonely winter space, there are only gloomy black crows or lonely bald eagles on the silver ferns. In just a moment, the eagle spreads its wings soaring up to the cloudy white sky, lands quickly on a frozen eye, cleverly catches a fish under the ice.

When you see a herd of antelope, if you do not want to take photos, then listen to the guide’s share. Not a cow-head antelope, instead, it’s a distant relative of this animal with better cold tolerance than its cousins. In North America, there is no antelope and this animal has a gene close to … giraffe, called Big Horn Sheep. Admire these strange animals before you realize that biology is full of irony situations.

When winter comes, American tourism has more skiing activities that attract a lot of tourists. Not a small indoor ski area, Yellowstone has mountain slopes, hillsides, wonderful terrains for visitors who are passionate about mingling in white snow and winter winds. If you don’t like to skateboard, there are even snowmobiles, Yellowstone’s sleighs with giant dedicated wheels. Visitors will be able to get a close-up look at the life and animals here.

According to guides and indigenous people, the winter in Yellowstone National Park is really harsh, but this is the most beautiful season of the year and above all you can mingle with the wildlife of nature. The tour guide also leads tourists to a huge crater that erupted 640,000 years ago, and will probably erupt again at a future date. Instead of volcanoes, the groundwater here also occasionally erupts.

In addition, an attraction not to be missed in Yellowstone for American tourists is Glorypool. Glorypool is one of the most beautiful boiling lakes in Yellowstone. You just need to go along the Firehole River to cross the icicles created by previous eruptions with many strange shapes. If you’re lucky, you can hear the roar from the bottom of the lake as a reminder of its robustness.

Journey of Washington DC, the capital of the United States

Referring to the superpower nation of the world people will think of Washington DC – the capital of the United States. Here reigns all the oldest, most magnificent works, which are also the indestructible pride of the United States. Let’s take a look at the most attractive places when exploring Washington DC.

White House national symbol

Even if you are a person who has never been to the United States, never learned the famous places of the United States, you have certainly heard the name of the White House, even know quite well about this building. Many people jokingly say that you may not know what the world is good about, but you will know that the White House has the US President.

The White House is known as the highest authority of the presidents, along with the image of the incumbent President appearing in all news and political news in any country. Even this invisible building has a great influence around the world.

The White House has entered American history as a century-old building, a symbol of a nation. Therefore, it is great that you set foot in this building and are extremely precious moments in your youth. Experience the beauty of the world’s number one icon is something everyone must admire.

In front of the White House gate, there are always a lot of tourists coming to Washington DC to take photos and admire the beauty of this building. You can immerse yourself in the flow of people, go around to feel the vastness and grandeur of the White House. In addition to the outside of the building, there are also many interesting entertainment activities waiting for you.

Visit the Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial is a special work of art that the people of the United States built to commemorate the talented 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. The whole project is sketched to reach sophisticated level through the talented hands of the architects.

The statues here are made from a large amount of precious marble. Especially, the statue of President is elaborately and sophisticatedly designed under the skillful hand of author Daniel Chester French. The statue is nearly 6 meters high, depicting the sitting position of the President.

You can tour the entire memorial zone and feel the respect of the American people for the President. The memorial is a journey of tranquility and deep philosophical lessons.

You will be able to interact with friendly people, listen to the miracles of the national spirit and admire the art of sketching miraculous artificial works. In the memorial area there are also many valuable memorabilia from centuries ago, you have the right to admire and feel those beauties.

Journey of Washington DC, the capital of the United States

 The ancient beauty of the Capitol

Capiol Building carries ancient architecture from America centuries ago. According to the professional evaluation of famous architects, besides Sheikh Zayed Palace in Dubai, this is the building with the most delicate and beautiful dome design in the world today. The first time you contemplate this building when traveling to Washington DC can make you overwhelmed.

The Capitol is characterized by an ancient aristocratic style, everything in the palace shows its luxury and splendor. The palace has an extremely large space of over 16,000 square meters along with a huge system of 540 rooms. It is estimated that this building can accommodate up to 4,000 people. All the devices in the electricity are eye-catching and marvelous.

Normally, the palace is white, but at night when the lights are dim, it makes the building feel inlaid with gold, shining in the blue sky. Choosing to visit the palace at this time you will get extremely beautiful and interesting photos. The special thing is that you will see how your travel is alive.

The gallery displays national works of art

The National Gallery of Artworks is the next place you must visit when traveling to Washington DC. This is essentially a museum that owns, preserves and protects many valuable works over the centuries. This place is truly for those who love the arts.

The museum was put into use in 1937, initially a general request of people living in the capital with the desire to admire the famous works of the authors who are Paul Mellon, Lessing J, Samuel Henry Kress, …. After realizing the great value the museum, the government developed and expanded the museum.

Currently this museum is the choice of many tourists to explore because the works here are masterpieces of history. So if you come here to enjoy the vacation you will feel like living in the era of contemporary celebrities. It is truly a journey with many beautiful impressions.

Stroll around George Town Love Street

If you want to relax on the romantic streets, George Town will be a very beautiful experience. This is the neighborhood of love that Americans use as a dating place for couples, embarrassing but interesting meetings.

This street has quite a fancy Dumbarton flower garden, emphasizing many Western beauty. The vibrant colors and romantic atmosphere will make your spirit more cheerful. George Town Love Street is really a meaningful journey.

Don’t forget to visit the best places in Oahu Hawaii!

Oahu Hawaii Island is a famous island when it comes to traveling to America, let’s take a stroll around this paradise island with interesting destinations on the fascinating journey!

Starting from Honolulu – the capital of Hawaii, where has the famous Waikiki beach, where there are often many people on any day of the year, this is one of the destinations that many tourists choose. Here you can see the system of restaurants, hotels, resorts with lots of bustling sports activities creating a great experience for visitors. It is also famous for traditional Hula dances, bearing the Hawaiian character that you cannot take your eyes off!

If you are more interested in these buildings, consider and visit the Iolani Palace, the only former royal palace in the United States. This is also where you can see the statue of King Kamehameha in front of the Ali’iolani Hale government building, which is very famous on the island of Oahu Hawaii.

Begin your journey out of the city, a popular activity on Oahu Hawaii Island is walking to Diamond Head Crater, which offers beautiful views of the city of Honolulu. This is the crest of a dormant volcano long time ago shaped like a circular pit. From here you can see the beautiful Diamond Head beach!

Don’t forget to visit the best places in Oahu Hawaii!

Next is the horseshoe-shaped Hanauma Bay, which is one of Hawaii’s most popular diving spots. It is not difficult to understand why this place has become a famous diving spot with turquoise blue water with not too deep coral reefs.

When you are walking along the east coast of Oahu Hawaii Island, remember to stop to see Sandy Beach which is a very dangerous beach with very scary tides, almost very few tourists swim here but they still visit because the scenery is so beautiful with blue water and white waves.

Take time to visit Byodo-in Temple, a Japanese-style Buddhist temple located at the foot of the beautiful Ko’olau Mountains near the town of Kaneohe. This is also the place to pay respect to the first Japanese residents in Hawaii.

Also nearby, if you go along the Kamehameha highway, you will reach the Kualoa farm. This interesting stop has a lot to explore, from horse riding to tours. If you are a movie enthusiast, take a tour of the farm’s filming location in the Ka’a’awa valley, where scenes from Jurassic Park and LOST were filmed here.

To continue the journey, you visit the Polynesian cultural center. Although this place is quite crowded, you can still learn a lot about the peoples of the South Pacific by spending a day here. Especially here is a place with lots of interesting cultural activities, the flexible hula dances of dancers!

The North Shore of the island is an interesting Sunset Beach, known for its huge waves that are suitable for surfing. Besides, do not miss Laniakea beach. This beach is nicknamed the turtle because every day you see blue sea turtles resting in the sand.

To get to the Dole Plantation, take the Kamehameha Highway through the center of the island of Oahu Hawaii. This is a famous pineapple planting site of the Dole family, which is visited by many tourists!

On your way back to Honolulu, don’t miss Pearl Harbor as a US naval base that was attacked by the Japanese on December 7, 1941, bringing the United States into World War II. Today, you can tour and take the ferry to the USS Arizona Monument for free, as well as explore warships and submarines.

Although Hawaii is still a part of the US, you will feel like you are going to a completely different country when you travel there. Especially you find things in Hawaii that you won’t find anywhere else when traveling to the US. Some notes for Oahu Hawaii is that the intensity of sunlight is stronger than elsewhere so apply sunscreen carefully during the days here. Hawaii basically has a cool year-round climate, the average temperature on Oahu is rarely moving outside the range of 21-26 degrees Celsius and the weather is quite humid. And you will be able to encounter an erratic rain. Fortunately, however, these rains usually move quickly, or just visit a part of the island.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the great places you can visit on Oahu Hawaii, nor can you visit them all in one day. So please spend time here from 2-3 days to see the life, culture and scenery here. To come to Hawaii you can book an American tour with a destination of Hawaii for a period of 4-7 days.

Discover the rare beauty of Bryce Canyon National Park

Stretching out many states in the US, there are many beautiful and unique natural lands. That’s why traveling to the United States always gives travelers incredible things. And one of the most surprising beauty is Bryce Canyon National Park – the rare beauty in the world.

Have you heard of Bryce Canyon National Park?

Bryce Canyon is an extremely popular national park located in the southwest region of Utah. The name is taken from the name of the main gorge in the national park, Bryce, which also means “very large”. This is considered one of the oldest national parks in the United States with a huge area.

Bryce Canyon National Park is 145 km2 wide, complex terrain with many rocky mountains with unique shapes similar to Momument Valley. However, many people probably do not know these rocks are created by geological tectonics for thousands of years, along with the strength of water and wind that have eroded, split, created massive stone pillars or deep holes like lakes.

The special highlight of Bryce Canyon is the bizarre rock formations. They jagged all over the valley like many spears piercing themselves up into the sky. In addition, geological activity here is much different from many places formed in the Earth, so Bryce Canyon is often chosen for scientific research.

The great values ​​that Bryce Canyon brings to has led the state government to quickly take many measures to protect and develop. So in 1928, this place was promoted to the famous Bryce Canyon National Park as it is now. It is also a strong affirmation of the need to care for and protect the unique and rare beauty that exists in the world.

What makes Bryce Canyon the most interesting destination for photographers and millions of tourists? A vivid picture of oranges sparkling between the sun or winter snow flickers on the rocks like in fairy tales. Whatever the reason, it’s undeniable that the biggest attraction is Bryce Canyon National Park with extremely beautiful beauty.

Discover the rare beauty of Bryce Canyon National Park


Journey to Bryce Canyon National Park

The entire Bryce Canyon National Park is a colorful picture of orange so the time for you to fully enjoy the beauty is sunrise and sunset. That is when the sun only is glimmered on the horizon, dawn spreads soft light everywhere. At that time, the national park was immersed in natural scenery and brilliant sky.

You can also choose to explore the park by walking the trails, now you can gradually feel the beauty of the surrounding nature. This is also the easiest way that you can see firsthand what is the most quintessential, the most wonderful that Mother Nature has given to Bryce Canyon.

Because the park is so vast, the number of trails leading deep into the valley is quite large. However the right to decide which path will be attractive is yours. Choose one of the many routes such as Navajo Trail, Rim Trail, Swamp Canyon, Bristlecone Loop, Mossy Cave, Queens Garden, Tower Bridge and Hat Shop as your discovery spots.

In particular, the road that many visitors choose the most is always Navajo Trail. Because this road leads straight into the depths of the valley and is also the most beautiful convergence of one of the most beautiful national parks in the United States. If you choose the Navajo trail as the journey for your adventure, you will admire the breathtaking beauty from the immense rocky mountains.

The places that you should set foot and check in when deep in the valley must include Sunset Point, Bryce Point, Sunrise Point, Inspiration and Fairyland Point. These are all the most wonderful landmarks of Bryce Canyon National Park, which also intersects many landscapes of heaven and earth, the beauty has been beautifully depicted through many photos of photographers.

In addition, enjoying an overnight camping trip in the national park is also a very interesting option. When the night fall, Bryce Canyon becomes calmer, the stars twinkling in the vast sky. Especially, if you are an astronomy lover, this moment is really worth it for you to experience.

This national park was used by many scientists as a place to test and investigate the mystery of the universe. Because Bryce Canyon National Park is one of the points that you can see different stars by your eyes clearly. Perhaps that is the reason why the US government in June every year usually organizes Astronomy Festival in this place.

Therefore, your choice of camping here will be extremely memorable moments, in which two of the places that you should choose to set up camp are Sunset Campground and North Campground. Because the terrain in these places is not only flat and convenient for fun activities, but there are also many other attractive services located right here.

Discover cheap destinations near the city of Miami, USA

As a famous tourist location, the city of Miami in the United States is quite crowded and expensive. However, if you have the opportunity to travel here, try to experience some interesting destinations near Miami that can go for a day and then come back to the bustle of Miami.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is more than 48 km from Miami, Florida, Fort Lauderdale has many natural streams combined with a dense network of canals which are considered to be Venice in the United States. To go from Miami you can use the beautiful, modern Brightline train that will take you from city center to Fort Lauderdale within half an hour, where you can walk to visit the Broward performing arts center, Himmarshee village restaurants and waterfront. There, you can take a water taxi and experience the transportation system in Fort Lauderdale stretching up to 400km.

The first attraction of Fort Lauderdale is the beaches with fine white sand with long rows of palm trees. Hotels and cafes along the beach are much cheaper than Miami city of America so Fort Lauderdale is also the destination of many family groups. As a city built from an old fortress and has made a dramatic transformation, Fort Lauderdale still does not lose its historical roots. Many charming, hundred-year-old small houses remain intact alongside modern mansions.

Las Olas Boulevard, the main avenue of Fort Lauderdale stretching from the west coast to the center of the city, is a must-visit destination for all visitors when it is bustling day and night with high fashion boutiques, restaurants, hotels, art exhibitions and discos …

Homestead and the Redlands

Miami city of America is never considered an agricultural tourist destination, but spend a day at Homestead and you will find that you are somewhere in the heart of America. Your first stop should be Robert Is Here, a spacious market known for its milkshakes full of fresh tropical fruits and a small zoo at the back. From here you can head to Knaus Berry Farm, where Miami residents line up for hours waiting for the legendary cinnamon rolls. After enjoying this dish you can go to Schnebly Redland’s Winery. Although South Florida is not really ideal for growing grapes, at Schnebly you can try wines made from avocado, mango and other tropical fruits. Lastly, don’t forget to visit Miami Brewing Company, the oldest craft brewery in Dade County.

The Florida Keys

Despite the catastrophic storms in 2017, Florida Keys has returned to normal and is one of the most beautiful and unique American travel destinations. More than an hour from downtown Miami, Key Largo is home to outdoor venues such as Dagny Johnson Botanical State Park, Dolphin Cove and Jules Undersea Lodge .. all are loved by visitors. For diving lovers, Key Largo is home to beautiful coral reefs, with diving shops located along the highway. Go a little further and when you cross the bridges connecting the small tropical islands, you will feel like you are walking on the ocean. At the end of the highway, you will arrive at Key West – the most famous city in the entire island chain and one of the most interesting cities in the US destinations.

Discover cheap destinations near the city of Miami, USA

The Everglades

If you want to save money, just half an hour’s drive from Miami, USA to Big Cypress National Reserve and you’ll realize why people love Everglades which is a natural tropical wetlands located in southern Florida state of the United States. Wetlands with mangroves, grasses and crocodiles will make you feel like you’re stepping into a world away from Miami … Stop by the tiny Miccosukee village along the way to watch crocodile wrestling shows. Then venture a bit further into the swamp to the city of Everglades.

West Palm Beach

An hour on the Brightline train takes you right to the heart of West Palm Beach. From there, you will find museums, vibrant cities, beautiful gardens, performing arts, unique wildlife habitat and great restaurants. Visit the Norton Art Museum, see the tropical plants at Mounts Botanic Gardens and stroll through the Ann Norton Sculpture Garden, etc. There are many things to do when you come to West Palm Beach in Florida. You should visit Mounts Botanical Garden which is one of West Palm Beach’s top attractions, where there are different ecosystems and natural habitats of many butterflies, rare and unique plants. If you like the excitement, the West Palm Beach entertainment area is a great destination for travelers including many popular eateries, shops and entertainment venues.

Delray Beach

If you want something nostalgic at a reasonable price, visit Delray Beach, this beach town that still has big city amenities with restaurants like Dada and Deck 84 attracting people from Miami come to the dinner party. The beach is never crowded and retains a lot of charm while other areas urbanize too much. And if you’re in town on St. Patrick’s Day, Delray has the most exciting parade in the state.

Miami city of the United States is a famous and expensive tourist destination, but you can still find other interesting destinations that are not too expensive near Miami, which will make your trip to the US economical and still have an attractive travel experience!