Journey of Washington DC, the capital of the United States

Referring to the superpower nation of the world people will think of Washington DC – the capital of the United States. Here reigns all the oldest, most magnificent works, which are also the indestructible pride of the United States. Let’s take a look at the most attractive places when exploring Washington DC.

White House national symbol

Even if you are a person who has never been to the United States, never learned the famous places of the United States, you have certainly heard the name of the White House, even know quite well about this building. Many people jokingly say that you may not know what the world is good about, but you will know that the White House has the US President.

The White House is known as the highest authority of the presidents, along with the image of the incumbent President appearing in all news and political news in any country. Even this invisible building has a great influence around the world.

The White House has entered American history as a century-old building, a symbol of a nation. Therefore, it is great that you set foot in this building and are extremely precious moments in your youth. Experience the beauty of the world’s number one icon is something everyone must admire.

In front of the White House gate, there are always a lot of tourists coming to Washington DC to take photos and admire the beauty of this building. You can immerse yourself in the flow of people, go around to feel the vastness and grandeur of the White House. In addition to the outside of the building, there are also many interesting entertainment activities waiting for you.

Visit the Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial is a special work of art that the people of the United States built to commemorate the talented 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. The whole project is sketched to reach sophisticated level through the talented hands of the architects.

The statues here are made from a large amount of precious marble. Especially, the statue of President is elaborately and sophisticatedly designed under the skillful hand of author Daniel Chester French. The statue is nearly 6 meters high, depicting the sitting position of the President.

You can tour the entire memorial zone and feel the respect of the American people for the President. The memorial is a journey of tranquility and deep philosophical lessons.

You will be able to interact with friendly people, listen to the miracles of the national spirit and admire the art of sketching miraculous artificial works. In the memorial area there are also many valuable memorabilia from centuries ago, you have the right to admire and feel those beauties.

Journey of Washington DC, the capital of the United States

 The ancient beauty of the Capitol

Capiol Building carries ancient architecture from America centuries ago. According to the professional evaluation of famous architects, besides Sheikh Zayed Palace in Dubai, this is the building with the most delicate and beautiful dome design in the world today. The first time you contemplate this building when traveling to Washington DC can make you overwhelmed.

The Capitol is characterized by an ancient aristocratic style, everything in the palace shows its luxury and splendor. The palace has an extremely large space of over 16,000 square meters along with a huge system of 540 rooms. It is estimated that this building can accommodate up to 4,000 people. All the devices in the electricity are eye-catching and marvelous.

Normally, the palace is white, but at night when the lights are dim, it makes the building feel inlaid with gold, shining in the blue sky. Choosing to visit the palace at this time you will get extremely beautiful and interesting photos. The special thing is that you will see how your travel is alive.

The gallery displays national works of art

The National Gallery of Artworks is the next place you must visit when traveling to Washington DC. This is essentially a museum that owns, preserves and protects many valuable works over the centuries. This place is truly for those who love the arts.

The museum was put into use in 1937, initially a general request of people living in the capital with the desire to admire the famous works of the authors who are Paul Mellon, Lessing J, Samuel Henry Kress, …. After realizing the great value the museum, the government developed and expanded the museum.

Currently this museum is the choice of many tourists to explore because the works here are masterpieces of history. So if you come here to enjoy the vacation you will feel like living in the era of contemporary celebrities. It is truly a journey with many beautiful impressions.

Stroll around George Town Love Street

If you want to relax on the romantic streets, George Town will be a very beautiful experience. This is the neighborhood of love that Americans use as a dating place for couples, embarrassing but interesting meetings.

This street has quite a fancy Dumbarton flower garden, emphasizing many Western beauty. The vibrant colors and romantic atmosphere will make your spirit more cheerful. George Town Love Street is really a meaningful journey.

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