Ghent – Interesting things you didn’t know

Ghent – the city with ancient architecture, mixed with a vibrant and warm life will be one of the most attractive destinations in Belgium.

Without the luxuries of Bruges or the splendor of Brussels, Ghent tourism possesses a very unique hidden beauty in Belgium with hundred-year-old buildings and a unique culinary style. As the capital of East Flanders province and the third largest city in Belgium, the first impression when coming to Ghent is the peaceful beauty of an ancient city different from the modern glamor of other cities in the area. Surrounding the city is a network of canals throughout the radius of 70km from the seaport. The smooth flow of water, the gentle boats passing by, the cobblestone streets, the old houses with the characteristic architecture have turned this place into one of the most beautiful cities of Belgium.

Why should you travel to Ghent?

Ghent is located not far from Bruges – the city is considered to be the golden tourist of Belgium. People come to Bruges to admire the magnificent buildings, enjoy famous chocolate and feel the classic European style. And if you look closely you will realize that Ghent also converges all the fascinating things. The first thing you feel is the Flemish art style, the rows of luxurious restaurants and of course, chocolate is not lack.

Ghent is an old city, so take a tour of the canals, look at the hundred-year-old buildings, and get the sweet taste of chocolate shops.

Ghent owns a large number of museums on a variety of topics from art to history, architecture, and so on. Among the famous destinations in Ghent such as St. Bavo’s Basilica, Royal Dutch Theater, Laarne Castle, the most notable one is the Stam Museum. This modern museum contains all the long history as well as images of the people of the city through the centuries. The museum is arranged in so unique style that it is hard to see how quickly the day passes.

Ghent – Interesting things you didn’t know

Another equally interesting activity is visiting the Gravensteen castle in Ghent. The castle dates back to the 9th century and has undergone many renovations to get the current structure.

You can also see the whole city, observe the vibrant life of Ghent while standing on top of the towers or shopping along Veldstraat street.

Food in Ghent city is extremely attractive

Traveling to Ghent, you cannot miss the rich cuisine of this ancient city. An equally interesting part of the trip to Ghent is Belgian cuisine and especially Ghent has a rich culinary history, attracting all visitors. The first stop to learn about Ghent cuisine is Het Groot Vleeshuis, a long-standing restaurant specializing in meat dishes. Now, it has transformed into a multi-function cafe, selling special food made from ham.

The experience in Belgium is not perfect if you forget to visit a chocolate factory. One of the top choices is the Van Hecke store, with over 70 years of operation. Van Hecke’s specialty is chestnut candies with unmistakable flavors, in addition, the shop also has a variety of chocolates suitable for most tastes of visitors.

Each city has its own unique cuisine, and in Ghent it is mustard, more specifically chilli mustard. Tierenteyn – Verlent shop is located near the city center, producing a special spice for over two hundred years without any slight changes. Small shops are always crowded with tourists and locals, all want to have this long-lasting spice. Mustard is made right in the store, in the basement. This is the only place in the world where you can buy a bottle of pure mustard with very unique flavor.

It would be mistake to go to Belgium and skip one of the famous drinks here, beer. Most of the best beers in the world come from Belgium. At Ghent, there is a Gruut brewery which is quite famous for its beer that has great taste without using Hops flowers – flowers used to create bitter taste for beer.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Ghent, stroll through other shops to explore the rich culinary culture of Ghent!

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