Don’t forget to visit the best places in Oahu Hawaii!

Oahu Hawaii Island is a famous island when it comes to traveling to America, let’s take a stroll around this paradise island with interesting destinations on the fascinating journey!

Starting from Honolulu – the capital of Hawaii, where has the famous Waikiki beach, where there are often many people on any day of the year, this is one of the destinations that many tourists choose. Here you can see the system of restaurants, hotels, resorts with lots of bustling sports activities creating a great experience for visitors. It is also famous for traditional Hula dances, bearing the Hawaiian character that you cannot take your eyes off!

If you are more interested in these buildings, consider and visit the Iolani Palace, the only former royal palace in the United States. This is also where you can see the statue of King Kamehameha in front of the Ali’iolani Hale government building, which is very famous on the island of Oahu Hawaii.

Begin your journey out of the city, a popular activity on Oahu Hawaii Island is walking to Diamond Head Crater, which offers beautiful views of the city of Honolulu. This is the crest of a dormant volcano long time ago shaped like a circular pit. From here you can see the beautiful Diamond Head beach!

Don’t forget to visit the best places in Oahu Hawaii!

Next is the horseshoe-shaped Hanauma Bay, which is one of Hawaii’s most popular diving spots. It is not difficult to understand why this place has become a famous diving spot with turquoise blue water with not too deep coral reefs.

When you are walking along the east coast of Oahu Hawaii Island, remember to stop to see Sandy Beach which is a very dangerous beach with very scary tides, almost very few tourists swim here but they still visit because the scenery is so beautiful with blue water and white waves.

Take time to visit Byodo-in Temple, a Japanese-style Buddhist temple located at the foot of the beautiful Ko’olau Mountains near the town of Kaneohe. This is also the place to pay respect to the first Japanese residents in Hawaii.

Also nearby, if you go along the Kamehameha highway, you will reach the Kualoa farm. This interesting stop has a lot to explore, from horse riding to tours. If you are a movie enthusiast, take a tour of the farm’s filming location in the Ka’a’awa valley, where scenes from Jurassic Park and LOST were filmed here.

To continue the journey, you visit the Polynesian cultural center. Although this place is quite crowded, you can still learn a lot about the peoples of the South Pacific by spending a day here. Especially here is a place with lots of interesting cultural activities, the flexible hula dances of dancers!

The North Shore of the island is an interesting Sunset Beach, known for its huge waves that are suitable for surfing. Besides, do not miss Laniakea beach. This beach is nicknamed the turtle because every day you see blue sea turtles resting in the sand.

To get to the Dole Plantation, take the Kamehameha Highway through the center of the island of Oahu Hawaii. This is a famous pineapple planting site of the Dole family, which is visited by many tourists!

On your way back to Honolulu, don’t miss Pearl Harbor as a US naval base that was attacked by the Japanese on December 7, 1941, bringing the United States into World War II. Today, you can tour and take the ferry to the USS Arizona Monument for free, as well as explore warships and submarines.

Although Hawaii is still a part of the US, you will feel like you are going to a completely different country when you travel there. Especially you find things in Hawaii that you won’t find anywhere else when traveling to the US. Some notes for Oahu Hawaii is that the intensity of sunlight is stronger than elsewhere so apply sunscreen carefully during the days here. Hawaii basically has a cool year-round climate, the average temperature on Oahu is rarely moving outside the range of 21-26 degrees Celsius and the weather is quite humid. And you will be able to encounter an erratic rain. Fortunately, however, these rains usually move quickly, or just visit a part of the island.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the great places you can visit on Oahu Hawaii, nor can you visit them all in one day. So please spend time here from 2-3 days to see the life, culture and scenery here. To come to Hawaii you can book an American tour with a destination of Hawaii for a period of 4-7 days.

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