Discover the rare beauty of Bryce Canyon National Park

Stretching out many states in the US, there are many beautiful and unique natural lands. That’s why traveling to the United States always gives travelers incredible things. And one of the most surprising beauty is Bryce Canyon National Park – the rare beauty in the world.

Have you heard of Bryce Canyon National Park?

Bryce Canyon is an extremely popular national park located in the southwest region of Utah. The name is taken from the name of the main gorge in the national park, Bryce, which also means “very large”. This is considered one of the oldest national parks in the United States with a huge area.

Bryce Canyon National Park is 145 km2 wide, complex terrain with many rocky mountains with unique shapes similar to Momument Valley. However, many people probably do not know these rocks are created by geological tectonics for thousands of years, along with the strength of water and wind that have eroded, split, created massive stone pillars or deep holes like lakes.

The special highlight of Bryce Canyon is the bizarre rock formations. They jagged all over the valley like many spears piercing themselves up into the sky. In addition, geological activity here is much different from many places formed in the Earth, so Bryce Canyon is often chosen for scientific research.

The great values ​​that Bryce Canyon brings to has led the state government to quickly take many measures to protect and develop. So in 1928, this place was promoted to the famous Bryce Canyon National Park as it is now. It is also a strong affirmation of the need to care for and protect the unique and rare beauty that exists in the world.

What makes Bryce Canyon the most interesting destination for photographers and millions of tourists? A vivid picture of oranges sparkling between the sun or winter snow flickers on the rocks like in fairy tales. Whatever the reason, it’s undeniable that the biggest attraction is Bryce Canyon National Park with extremely beautiful beauty.

Discover the rare beauty of Bryce Canyon National Park


Journey to Bryce Canyon National Park

The entire Bryce Canyon National Park is a colorful picture of orange so the time for you to fully enjoy the beauty is sunrise and sunset. That is when the sun only is glimmered on the horizon, dawn spreads soft light everywhere. At that time, the national park was immersed in natural scenery and brilliant sky.

You can also choose to explore the park by walking the trails, now you can gradually feel the beauty of the surrounding nature. This is also the easiest way that you can see firsthand what is the most quintessential, the most wonderful that Mother Nature has given to Bryce Canyon.

Because the park is so vast, the number of trails leading deep into the valley is quite large. However the right to decide which path will be attractive is yours. Choose one of the many routes such as Navajo Trail, Rim Trail, Swamp Canyon, Bristlecone Loop, Mossy Cave, Queens Garden, Tower Bridge and Hat Shop as your discovery spots.

In particular, the road that many visitors choose the most is always Navajo Trail. Because this road leads straight into the depths of the valley and is also the most beautiful convergence of one of the most beautiful national parks in the United States. If you choose the Navajo trail as the journey for your adventure, you will admire the breathtaking beauty from the immense rocky mountains.

The places that you should set foot and check in when deep in the valley must include Sunset Point, Bryce Point, Sunrise Point, Inspiration and Fairyland Point. These are all the most wonderful landmarks of Bryce Canyon National Park, which also intersects many landscapes of heaven and earth, the beauty has been beautifully depicted through many photos of photographers.

In addition, enjoying an overnight camping trip in the national park is also a very interesting option. When the night fall, Bryce Canyon becomes calmer, the stars twinkling in the vast sky. Especially, if you are an astronomy lover, this moment is really worth it for you to experience.

This national park was used by many scientists as a place to test and investigate the mystery of the universe. Because Bryce Canyon National Park is one of the points that you can see different stars by your eyes clearly. Perhaps that is the reason why the US government in June every year usually organizes Astronomy Festival in this place.

Therefore, your choice of camping here will be extremely memorable moments, in which two of the places that you should choose to set up camp are Sunset Campground and North Campground. Because the terrain in these places is not only flat and convenient for fun activities, but there are also many other attractive services located right here.

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