Discover the Belgian city of Bruges during the Christmas season

Bruges is one of the famous tourist destinations of Belgium – the most attractive place for you to visit and enjoy the quintessence of a European Christmas.

Known as the “Venice of the North”, Bruges boasts a range of well-preserved medieval buildings, creating a unique atmosphere when you visit this city. Here are a few highlights of the Christmas season in Bruges that you should not miss.

There are many Christmas markets throughout the city of Bruges Belgium

One of the most fascinating reasons to visit this quaint city is the presence of the very interesting Christmas Market. Christmas markets here usually take place at the end of November and throughout December every year.

The two largest and most famous markets in Bruges are Market Palace and Simon Stevinplein. Walking around the stalls is a real joy, when you will see crafts, gifts and decorations. If you are attracted by the delicious flavors of these markets, don’t forget to enjoy Belgian world famous hot waffles and chocolates.

In addition, Christmas markets also sell a variety of clothing and utensils, this is the perfect place to buy great Christmas gifts at low prices on the last days of the fair. In addition to shopping, there are many ways to enjoy these Christmas markets. If you wish, you can skate around the center of Bruges Market Square!

Discover the Belgian city of Bruges during the Christmas season

Enjoy extremely attractive Belgian cuisine

If you choose a famous Belgian dish that is known worldwide, it is chocolate. Chocolate is available year-round, but at Christmas you will enjoy some special delicacies during the festival. This may be one of the best chocolate of the year so you can not ignore this dish during Christmas in the Belgian city of Bruges.

If chocolate is not what you are looking for, try exploring the city’s brewery. Some of Belgium’s most famous breweries are located in Bruges. There are many different world famous breweries like Bruges Zot or De Halve Maan offering the rich taste of this world famous drink!

Festive events at Christmas

Bruges, Belgium, hosts the annual Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, which takes place from late November to mid-January. This highly anticipated event is held at the railway station and includes a number of tournaments. Great festive decor along with some of the most fascinating snow ice sculptures are found anywhere across Europe.

Travelers who want to go to Belgium to celebrate Christmas and see the flowers can visit the Magical Winter Moments at Old St John’s Hospital which is the venue for the Christmas flower festival.

This is one of the best times of the year to travel to Belgium, if Bruges is the city you are headed to, do not forget to plan in advance because on this occasion many hotels are very crowded.

Fall in love with the beauty of Bruges, Belgium

Dubbed the “Venice of Northern Europe”, the city of Bruges tops the list of the most beautiful places in Belgium. This city has a romantic beauty with many mossy ancient bridges located on small canals under the underground city and medieval European architecture. Right from the first moments, you will immerse yourself in a fairytale landscape with medieval Gothic-style buildings, charming and peaceful cobblestone streets of Bruges, Belgium. Bruges is a city on the water, so you have to look at the map of the city to see all the confusion of the rivers here. Tiny, curved canals surround the city. In any corner of Bruges, you can see the images of ancient houses silhouetted in the fresh water.

Therefore, the most common way to travel to Bruges is by boat. The boat in Bruges is a small boat without a roof or glass frame, so it is very convenient for those who love photography. Tickets for a tour on the river are 6 euros. The boatman is also a tour guide fluent in three languages, French, Dutch and English, which will explain each place you visit, from the 600-year-old bridge spanning the river, the church, the palace, the museum or the newly built structures later … Taking the horse-drawn carriage is another option to discover Bruges. Small cobblestone streets are around the town square. Beautiful little wooden bridges across the mossy green canals, the ancient churches that when stepped inside, the scene displayed before the eyes was absolutely magnificent and extremely majestic.

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