Discover fairy-tale Hallerbos forest just 30 km from Brussels

The tiny green carpet of Bluebell flowers blooming each spring in the Hallerbos forest makes it a fascinating European tourist destination!

When should you visit Hallerbos forest?

Every year in April, tourists and locals flock to Hallerbos forest for only about 30 km from the Belgian capital Brussels to watch the Bluebells flowers in full bloom on each occasion. Hallerbos turned into a green forest with the ground covered with tiny bluebells flowers.

However, the best time to visit Hallerbos is different each year and depends on the weather. The earlier the temperature rises, the sooner the flowers bloom. However, warmer weather also means that more leafy plants lose the green patches of sunlight, making you see darker purple flowers!

As the Bluebells season is close, the website of the Hallerbos forest publishes daily updates (for the week) on the status of the blue bell flowers. That way, photographers and other Belgian tourists know whether it’s still too early or need to plan to head to this forest right away!

Generally, 10 days after the blue bell flowers begin to bloom is the best time to come here. During small bluebell flowering, the rays of the sun can penetrate through the canopy of the tree and touch the flowers, creating a beautiful color blend of blue and light purple! It is great to get the photos here.

Discover fairy-tale Hallerbos forest just 30 km from Brussels

There are different walking paths throughout the Hallerbos forest and visitors are encouraged not to stray the trail so that the flowers are best protected. Those who want to film or hold a photo during the flowering process need to get permission to do that, but it doesn’t matter if you just want to take your camera or phone to take photos of a few flowers.

At each Hallerbos car park there will be a signboard showing the walking trails in the Hallerbos forest, but if you want to follow the route with the most blue bell flowers you have to ask the instructor or download it from the site.

Because the blooming period of the blue bell flowers is very short, a lot of people visit the green forest during the weekends. However it’s not a big deal if you just want to see the flowers and walk, but it will be problematic if you want to get some bluebell photos without someone there, so it’s best to go on weekdays. The best time of the day to visit is in the early morning so you can catch the sunrise through the trees, or in the evening when the sun comes back.

Things to keep in mind when visiting this lovely forest

In recent years, the beauty of Hallerbos forest has been introduced on many major radio and television channels, such as BBC, CNN, AFP. Tens of thousands of tourists from as far away as India. , Finland, Japan, China … flock here to enjoy one of the unique natural beauty of Belgium. Many European tourists come to Belgium at the end of April and early May just for the purpose of discovering this natural beauty.

Visiting this ancient forest, you will not have to pay any fees such as entrance fees, parking … On the weekends of the last three weeks of April and early May, Halle city organizes free shuttle bus from Halle train station to Hallerbos and vice versa.

Although they are quite fragile, bluebell flowers are tough species of wild flowers because they grow back from year to year. But this wild flower is also very vulnerable. When being picked, these bell-shaped flowers will quickly droop and will not be able to flower if accidentally stepped on by tourists. Therefore, visitors to the Hallerbos forest are required to follow the rules of the right path for pedestrians and not step to the flower beds, and step on the flowers when taking pictures. However, unfortunate things still happen.

There are some picnic tables outside Hallerbos but you should go to the toilet before you start walking and bring some water and maybe some snacks. You will have to keep the trash by yourself because there is no trash. There is a pub in the north of the forest but there is no food and drink inside Hallerbos.

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