Discover cheap destinations near the city of Miami, USA

As a famous tourist location, the city of Miami in the United States is quite crowded and expensive. However, if you have the opportunity to travel here, try to experience some interesting destinations near Miami that can go for a day and then come back to the bustle of Miami.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is more than 48 km from Miami, Florida, Fort Lauderdale has many natural streams combined with a dense network of canals which are considered to be Venice in the United States. To go from Miami you can use the beautiful, modern Brightline train that will take you from city center to Fort Lauderdale within half an hour, where you can walk to visit the Broward performing arts center, Himmarshee village restaurants and waterfront. There, you can take a water taxi and experience the transportation system in Fort Lauderdale stretching up to 400km.

The first attraction of Fort Lauderdale is the beaches with fine white sand with long rows of palm trees. Hotels and cafes along the beach are much cheaper than Miami city of America so Fort Lauderdale is also the destination of many family groups. As a city built from an old fortress and has made a dramatic transformation, Fort Lauderdale still does not lose its historical roots. Many charming, hundred-year-old small houses remain intact alongside modern mansions.

Las Olas Boulevard, the main avenue of Fort Lauderdale stretching from the west coast to the center of the city, is a must-visit destination for all visitors when it is bustling day and night with high fashion boutiques, restaurants, hotels, art exhibitions and discos …

Homestead and the Redlands

Miami city of America is never considered an agricultural tourist destination, but spend a day at Homestead and you will find that you are somewhere in the heart of America. Your first stop should be Robert Is Here, a spacious market known for its milkshakes full of fresh tropical fruits and a small zoo at the back. From here you can head to Knaus Berry Farm, where Miami residents line up for hours waiting for the legendary cinnamon rolls. After enjoying this dish you can go to Schnebly Redland’s Winery. Although South Florida is not really ideal for growing grapes, at Schnebly you can try wines made from avocado, mango and other tropical fruits. Lastly, don’t forget to visit Miami Brewing Company, the oldest craft brewery in Dade County.

The Florida Keys

Despite the catastrophic storms in 2017, Florida Keys has returned to normal and is one of the most beautiful and unique American travel destinations. More than an hour from downtown Miami, Key Largo is home to outdoor venues such as Dagny Johnson Botanical State Park, Dolphin Cove and Jules Undersea Lodge .. all are loved by visitors. For diving lovers, Key Largo is home to beautiful coral reefs, with diving shops located along the highway. Go a little further and when you cross the bridges connecting the small tropical islands, you will feel like you are walking on the ocean. At the end of the highway, you will arrive at Key West – the most famous city in the entire island chain and one of the most interesting cities in the US destinations.

Discover cheap destinations near the city of Miami, USA

The Everglades

If you want to save money, just half an hour’s drive from Miami, USA to Big Cypress National Reserve and you’ll realize why people love Everglades which is a natural tropical wetlands located in southern Florida state of the United States. Wetlands with mangroves, grasses and crocodiles will make you feel like you’re stepping into a world away from Miami … Stop by the tiny Miccosukee village along the way to watch crocodile wrestling shows. Then venture a bit further into the swamp to the city of Everglades.

West Palm Beach

An hour on the Brightline train takes you right to the heart of West Palm Beach. From there, you will find museums, vibrant cities, beautiful gardens, performing arts, unique wildlife habitat and great restaurants. Visit the Norton Art Museum, see the tropical plants at Mounts Botanic Gardens and stroll through the Ann Norton Sculpture Garden, etc. There are many things to do when you come to West Palm Beach in Florida. You should visit Mounts Botanical Garden which is one of West Palm Beach’s top attractions, where there are different ecosystems and natural habitats of many butterflies, rare and unique plants. If you like the excitement, the West Palm Beach entertainment area is a great destination for travelers including many popular eateries, shops and entertainment venues.

Delray Beach

If you want something nostalgic at a reasonable price, visit Delray Beach, this beach town that still has big city amenities with restaurants like Dada and Deck 84 attracting people from Miami come to the dinner party. The beach is never crowded and retains a lot of charm while other areas urbanize too much. And if you’re in town on St. Patrick’s Day, Delray has the most exciting parade in the state.

Miami city of the United States is a famous and expensive tourist destination, but you can still find other interesting destinations that are not too expensive near Miami, which will make your trip to the US economical and still have an attractive travel experience!

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