Admire the beauty of Mount Rushmore

The United States is famous for its natural constructions combined with the creative architectural arts of people creating many vivid pictures in real life. One of the peak works like that is Mount Mountmore – The immortal sculpture, the pride of the US people.

What do you know about Mount Rushmore?

Mount Rushmore is a national memorial that the United States built to honor the famous early president of the country. The name of this place is a resonance from those special things. Initially the sculpture project of celebrity statues was built to develop the wild tourism industry here.

In the early years of the 20th century, it was expected that the completion time of the project would be around 1935. However, during the construction process, there were many cost problems incurred, until 1941 the portraits of presidents were completed. These 18-meter-tall statues have successfully portrayed presidents’ portraits in the first 130 years since America gained independence.

They are all influential people and pride in the hearts of the American people. First, there is President George Washington, who completely changed American history and his name is the capital of the current United States, followed by President Thomas Jefferson, President Theodore Roosevelt and finally Abraham Lincoln.

The journey to build this marvelous architecture has proven the creative hands of talented Americans. Along with what history has recorded, this sculptural architecture becomes immortalized by many people around the world. And it was dubbed the symbol of every American symbol, next to the Statue of Liberty or the White House.

Discover the beauty of Mount Rushmore

The outside campus of the mountain is quite airy and wide. This road is completely separate from residential areas. On the two sides of the road are luxuriant canopy trees, which is absolutely an interesting journey for those who love to explore the natural beauty of landscapes by driving motorbikes.

Admire the beauty of Mount Rushmore

Right from afar, you can admire this Rushmore president mountain with white colors stand out in the clear blue sky. The image that appears like giants only appear on movies will make you feel everything is magical. And of course, taking photos to capture these moments is the right thing to do, right?

At the foot of the mountain is a pine forest full of green leaves. Currently, besides sculpting the images on the rocky mountain, the surrounding beauty of the place is still maintained intact. So an experience of walking under the trees can help your spirit more refreshed and enjoy the beauty value that nature offers.

The closer you get to the statues, you’ll see a monumental path leading to the interior entrance. Along the pillars that were built normatively, two sides are all the flags of the US states. The state government thinks that your visit to these great presidents will be more majestic and precious than ever by the presence of the state flags. This once again confirms their national pride and they want the greatest presidents of America to witness the prosperous development of the United States.

The state government has built a large courtyard to help visitors fully admire the beauty of the mountain. In order to avoid strong external impacts and erosion over time, the authorities did not open the way up. However, if you stand in the courtyard area, you still enjoy all the beauty from many sides of the rocky mountain. In addition, the large space between nature and sky will stimulate all senses, especially in a crowded atmosphere and many surrounding guests.

If you’ve visited the area of ​​ Rushmore President statues, then continue to visit the historic museum at the foot of the mountain. There are many historical artifacts that have been used during the construction of this marvelous work by the United States. In particular, the prototype of the presidential work was sketched on a small rock by the artistic hand of Gutzon Botzon.

It is very interesting that you can see the statue outside the rock parallel to the statue in the museum through the magical window in the distance. It was truly a funny moment that brought an unforgettable experience to any traveler.

Also inside the museum is a small memorial to honor the great contributions that architect Gutzon spent the rest of his life to build this work. The memorial was made by the son of Lincoln Borglum, who followed and completed the final part of Rushmore Presidential Mountain upon his father’s will.

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